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The Vikings and Their Age This book the first in our Companions to Medieval Studies series is a brief introduction to the history culture and religion of the Viking Age and provides an essential foundation for study of the periodThe companion begins by defining the Viking Age and explores topics such as Viking society and religion Viking biographies provide students with information on important figures in Viking lore such as Harald Bluetooth Eirik the Red Leif Eiriksson and Gudrid Thorbjarnardaughter a female Viking traveler A compelling chapter entitled How Do We Know About the Vikings and a case study on the wandering monks of St Philibert introduce students to the process of historical inuiry The book concludes with a discussion of the impact of the Vikings and their legacyPedagogical resources include a detailed chronology study uestions a glossary 4 maps and 14 images Text boxes provide information on outsider perceptions of the Vikings a detailed account of a Viking raid and a description of a chieftain's dwelling in Arctic Norway This study also benefits from a multi disciplinary approach including insights and evidence from such diverse disciplines as archaeology philology religion linguistics and genetics

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    Well written slightly dullLanguage elouent and perfectly understandable but the chapter structure is strange and it tends to ramble Definitely recommended if you enjoy history books but it’s not as accessible as others in the genre

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