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Big Girls Dont Cry 2 A ruggedly handsome mixed martial arts fighter and a billionaire sexual deviant vie for the love of a big bodied woman In book one Gretchen found Billy Mack the ruggedly handsome mixed martial arts fighter the only man to ever show a genuine interest in her The two were only together for one night before an unfortunate event left one trying to put the pieces of his life back together while the other followed her dreams haunted by his memory It's three years later and Gretchen is living in Paris where she is contacted by Billy who has come to profess his love But three years is a long time and a lot of things have changed including Gretchen Who is now in a relationship with the very wealthy very controlling French billionaire playboy Renee' Talon Will the memory of one beautiful night so long ago be enough to save Billy and Gretchen's love Or will Gretchen's choices keep her lock in bondage to Renee' forever This story contains very graphic sexual situations including hardcore spanking This story contains sexually explicit material meant for a mature audience only 18

About the Author: Gretchen Lane

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3 thoughts on “Big Girls Dont Cry 2

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    no no and NO by hardcore spanking does the author mean that the h gets slapped across the face by her bf and other nasty things and she is fine with that and even takes the guilt for that??? and then acts like nothing happened and everything is just fine??? seriously? now I'm almost laughing because I want to believe that thi

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    I really wanted to like books 1 2 I really did Unfortunately I just couldn't For one the whole tone of the story seems to be how a teenager would act and think not a woman in her mid twenties And the writing in general is somewhat disconnected doesn't flow Even by the end of book 2 I still didn't feel any connection to the characte

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    im not really sure about thisits a good read but not sure im going to get into Big girls dont cry 3

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