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His Baby Dream Safe Harbor Medical #11 Determined To Be A Dad Biology teacher Peter Gladstone may have lost his beloved wife but the tragedy only strengthened his resolve to create a family With a donor egg and a surrogate mom Peter is sure to be a proud papa soon thanks to the fertility specialists at Safe Harbor Medical Harper Anthony seems like the perfect choice for the donor She's smart beautiful and a great mom to her young daughter The problem is Peter has recently become reacuainted with the young widow and now sees her as a friend or maybe something than a friend And Peter has chosen to keep his identity a secret If the truth comes out the conseuences may threaten their budding romance But only the truth can turn them into a family

About the Author: Jacqueline Diamond

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    he was also a little domineering she reminded herself It wasn't a bad trait just unsuited to her pg 28It is a bad trait though Let's discussPREMISEPeter's wife died two years ago from ovarian cancer He wants a baby so he hires an egg donor and a surrogate He is a biology teacher and a big pain in my assHarper has a 6 year old daughter Mia and her husband died 3 years ago Her husband was not abusive but he was pushy and selfish I feel like Harper rolls he

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    A sweet and charming romance

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    Jacueline Diamond Is a great write Here is a highlight from the book I may have jumped to conclusions about your plans” “Apparently so” “I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to talk” Harper said He hesitated “Actions speak louder than words” Was he upset with her? “I don’t understand” He indicated a white wrought iron bench “Mind having a seat?” She complied finding the bench comfortable despite its hard surfaces Belatedly she wondered if

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    Good book Peter really wants to be a dad He thought his dream was over when his wife died but then found out it could happen after all When Peter sees Harper's name on the egg donor list he feels she would be the perfect one to choose He likes her and her daughter and would love his child to be like them The problem is that she doesn't know that he's going to be the fatherI liked both Peter and Harper Both had issues that were keeping them from having a happy future Harper ha

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    This was fine but great worth recommending it falls short It was missing something but I can't uite put my finger on itWas it the heros' inability to let go of his late wife's memory? You can only beat that dead horse so longWas it her ability to forgive secrets too early Here was a point that could caused a real couple issue and it was glossed over in a few pagesSaving point feelings around surrogacy were really fleshed out Positives definitely negatives little infofeelings were pr

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    In His Baby Dream by Jacueline Diamond Peter Gladstone has not given up his dream of being a father even after he lost his beloved wife two years before But he doesn’t want another woman in his life he only wants children so he will create his family thanks to a donor egg and a surrogate mom with the help of the fertility specialists at Safe Harbor MedicalHarper Anthony is new on the egg donor website and she seems like the perfect choice He can see his kids as a slightly different versi

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    Got this book from goodreads give away and I loved it I will be looking for books by Jacueline Diamond This book was a fast read for me because it was well written and flowed beautifully Thank you Jacueline for sending my book so uickly If you ever need an idea for a book I would love to share my own personal romance story with you LOL

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    Miniseries Safe Harbor MedicalCategory Home and Family

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    I have loved this series and this a great addition to it

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    It was a nice story to read It did seem to drag on during certain sections of the book There was a steamy section included in the book and then a very happy ending

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