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Beauty and the Bachelor Dad The only remaining single guy in the Single Dad Club Reece Newton Marriage may be the answer for all his friends but not for this contented father of one Of course the right woman could change his mindEndangered BeautyWoman in hiding Maggie Dunlap When someone ransacked her house and put her life in jeopardy the lovely lady had nowhere to run—except into Reece's protective embraceEventual BrideAgainst his better judgment Reece offered Maggie a safe haven in his home Her mere presence changed the lives of father and son than he ever dreamed possible But would Maggie ever get the bachelor dad to the altar

About the Author: Donna Fasano

Growing up the third child of five—yes smack dab in the middle and the only girl to boot—Donna Fasano had no idea she would one day be a published author Her story telling talents came to light when she conjured lively and elaborate tales of pure blarney yes she has a bit of Irish in her blood for first her youngest brother and years later her childrenDonna is a USA Today bestselling aut

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    This review was originally posted on Big Al's Books and Pals review blog on December 19 2012When divorced Reece Newton a senior claims adjuster for an insurance company is asked to reevaluate a claim by Maggie Dunlap he gets than he bargained for When he learns she is being terrorized by an unknown assailant he offers her a place to stay while his eight year old son Jeff is off at summer

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    5 starsI purchased a copy of the short novel Single Daddy Club book 3 Reese by Donna Fasano and this review was given freelyPsychology suspense and a little steam A fitting end to the series Insurance investigator Reese meets his match when private investigator Maggie storms into his office to dispute a vandalism claim Fate and attraction bring divorced single dad Reese and Maggie closer as they t

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    Claim for her video camera was denied because no forced entry and was seven years old Reece is intrigued with her and now finding it was needed for a case When happened and again no forced entry she is being stalked and afraid Moving in with Reece while son was at camp They maybe attracted to each and even in same house can it become a family A lot of action she doesn’t care for men and he doesn’t car

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    Past JobsMaggie is a private investigator She is hired by women who think their husband is cheating on them Reece is a single divorced father He's an insurance investigator When their worlds collide they can't shake the attraction between themSomeone is terrorizing Maggie and Reece takes over protection detail Can there be a happily ever after or will they part ways?

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    The last to fallReece had decided he would raise his son Jeff on his own He wouldn't get married again Maggie was a PI working for women to find out about their husbands for cheating But when she starts to get a stalker Reese steps in to help But Maggie seems to be helping them find out not all women are bad

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    Love these guysReece is the final one to fall Maggie and him meet through an insurance claim They are opposites and have had nightmare relationships in their past He has a son who has issues stemming from his dad's issues The ups and downs that they all go through are crazy Love the other guys in the club and the way the book ends Loved this set

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    Great storyPut a man hating woman and a woman hating man together and you may just get a mess Or if they try to understand each other you could get a wonderful romance

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    Good story Reese and Maggie get off to a rough start and things get tangled But as the story progresses you see glimpses of a satisfactory ending

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    Good storyA very good story to conclude the series of t h e Single Dads Club Looking forward dread from this writer

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    Another enjoyable read with compelling characters and a emotionally charged plot I’m glad I found this series and will look for additional books by this talented author Happy readinglistening

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