Food Not Lawns How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And

Food Not Lawns How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And Your Neighborhood into a Community Gardening can be a political act Creativity fulfillment connection revolution it all begins when we get our hands in the dirtFood Not Lawns combines practical wisdom on ecological design and community building with a fresh green perspective on an age old subject Activist and urban gardener Heather Flores shares her nine step permaculture design to help farmsteaders and city dwellers alike build fertile soil promote biodiversity and increase natural habitat in their own paradise gardensBut Food Not Lawns doesn't begin and end in the seed bed This joyful permaculture lifestyle manual inspires readers to apply the principles of the paradise garden simplicity resourcefulness creativity mindfulness and community to all aspects of life Plant guerilla gardens in barren intersections and medians; organize community meals; start a street theater troupe or host a local art swap; free your kitchen from refrigeration and enjoy truly fresh nourishing foods from your own plot of land; work with children to create garden play spacesFlores cares passionately about the damaged state of our environment and the ills of our throwaway society In Food Not Lawns she shows us how to reclaim the earth one garden at a time

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    To my horror I found that science is not only under attack by the conservative right but by the liberal hippie left shudder This book had the potential to be useful and informative but when the author states urine is totally sterile In the garden fresh urine can be diluted 110 with water and poured on the soil or compost pile she is just plain wrong Sure uri

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    wrote this for wwwgreenprophetcom I finished reading Food Not Lawns on my roof just after I checked my new vermi compost bin The roof compost represents my attempted adaptation to life in the modern world whereby I try and lead a sustainable lifestyle within my means and ability in our modern world I was hoping to read Flores’ book and gain tips on how to bui

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    I just pulled this out recently for inspiration and I gotta say it's really inspiring Sure okay it's a bit hippy dippy but doesn't our world need a few guerilla gardeners? This book inspires me to make good use of my land to be adventurous with my gardening and to see gardens as potential community builders Let me tell you my neighborhood needs of that I'm seriou

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    If I ever get out of cover crop phase of my backyard garden plans God Help any of you who don't like vegetables

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    I hate to give such a low review since the author seems like a good person with good goals However I was looking for a book on how to convert my lawn into gardens and not enough of this book is about that There are no photos and most of the book is slanted towards activism That's great if that's what you're looking for but I really wanted to know how to grow a front yard ga

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    This book for me was enhI skimmed a lot of this book because much of it was familiar a repeat of what I've read in the rather copious SOLE sustainable organic local ethical reading I've done in my day There's a bit of hippy dippy self righteous holier than thou stuff from Flores that got a little old after a while; I was particularly irritated at her carbon footprint section be

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    while this isn't the most in depth or scholarly approach to permaculture it is a radical treatise on getting out of the industrial food and water system getting back in touch with the earth setting up an ecologically sound garden and home water system and finding ways to pass this wisdom on to your community there are a lot of great ideas and a fabulous resource section at the end

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    This book has some good ideas and how tos for transforming your yard into a gardenHowever 75% of the book is activist propaganda While I think that a lot of what she has to say is fine yes I do think grass is a waste of space she is so unreasonable about it all While I do intend to attempt to grow food on my own land you won't catch me practicing guerrilla gardening or planting and wa

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    Now I am pretty crunchygranola according to my friends I compost garden eat little meat raise chickens for eggs cook from scratch recycle conseve energy drive carefully care about where my food is coming from blah blah blah This book is all about those things and and how to do them but it's all phrased in a preachy holier than thou hippie propaganda manner Some funny lines but overall it

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    I can get into hippy dippy crap but this chick is WACKED I own the book much to my dismay and there are about four useful suggestions a lot of extreme lifestyle suggestions and I shit you not magic suggestionsIt reads like the rantings of a manic psych patient and yes I can state that from experience

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About the Author: Heather Flores

Heather Jo Flores is an interdisciplinary artist focused on the connection between physicality and creativity with emphasis on healing self and Earth through creative expression and community interaction She writes paints dances sings plays guitar and teaches yoga permaculture and creative writing She is the author of Food Not Lawns; How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhoo