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The Red Lemon Deluxe Golden Book A farmer doesn't like it when a red lemon turns up in his lemon grove However 200 years later red lemons are seen as the bestRounded up because I like the idea of discards those who are different becoming the most popular This book is done in vivid colors and uses lots of yellow for the lemon color There are a lot of geometric shapes and different proportions for the farmer and other things in the book It follows a steady rhyme scheme throughout the pages which makes it an easy to follow and cohesive read The beginning and end pages are covered in the stamp that is used on the front of the farmer's wood crate that he puts the lemons in and it reads 100% Yellow Perfection Lemons which further contrasts when the farmer finds a red lemon to his shock on one of his trees The page after he finds this red lemon is covered in different shades of red and also provides readers with good words to use in place of red crimson and color hue The farmer is shocked by the red lemon and wonders who would buy a red lemon from Farmer Mcfee? Because the lemon was so different the farmer throws it far away onto an island but little did he know two hundred years later that a patch of red lemon trees would grow that were sweeter than the yellow ones and were put in their foods Now the red lemon that Farmer McFee worried so much about was bringing people from all around to test the red kind and to taste it in their food too This book teaches a great lesson to children that being different is okay and that even though you may not be popular with everyone you will still have people that like you and that think you aren't so different but that you're something great This also teaches students that things views and attitudes change over time just just because it is new doesn't mean it is bad I think it's appropriate that I read this one yesterday #redinstead Read at Family Story Time on 5911 at In the Trees drop in story time at the Tenley library on 83013 My three year old really liked this one I think the red lemon and the freaking out and throwing part I didn't love it it felt like there wasn't really a lot of There there and the idea that it takes 200 years for the lemon grove to establish felt like a weird detail But it was bright and funny and had a good rhythm and engaging so worth a read But also it just kept reminding me throughout of all these public health posters about bladder cancer with one red lemon in a sea of yellow lemons so I may have been biased Written and illustrated by Bob Staake The Red Lemon was named by the The New York Times as one of the 10 Best Illustrated Books of 2006 It tells a story about Farmer McPhee and his famous yellow lemons His passion for yellow lemons comes to a halt when he realizes a red lemon grew among his perfect lemons He is devastated by the red lemon that he tosses it to a remote island to grow by itself Years later the story of the red lemon takes a complete turn and the lemon prevailsThe brilliant illustrations remind me of the cartoons from the early 2000's There is a central message that can be used in the classroom and discussed with students after the read aloud Recommended for ages 3 8 A favorite new book Having read thousands upon thousands of picture books to 3 kids over 14 years it isn't often we come across a new one that we love but this one has been added to our favorites list It's the perfect package of rhyming lyrical text that's not annoying or forced with fun vibrant pictures that are easy to grasp for a toddler The story is uniue and surprising This will be one of our keepers for the grandchildren as I don't mind reading it over and over In this thought provoking tale reminiscent of Seuss Farmer McPhee finds a red lemon in his orchard and cries It's red as a stop sign It's red as a rose I can't have red lemons where yellow fruit grows Imagine a world where lemonade's red Where once yellow cupcakes are crimson instead As he tosses the red lemon across the water he can't imagine that it will land on a small island sprout a seed and someday bring forth an orchard of lemon treeswhere people will travel to from all over to try the red lemons that are six times as sweet My son and I absolutely love books that rhyme This one is a wonderful rhyme book with a nice moral at the end don't judge a book by its cover or better yet don't judge a fruit by its color I would recommend this to everybody From the read to the six month old pileThis one has a nice theme about good things coming from unexpected places It's got a wonderful rhythm to it that makes it fun for the person reading it out loud to their little one

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