My Devilish Scotsman Macdonell Brides Trilogy eBook

My Devilish Scotsman Macdonell Brides Trilogy From acclaimed author Jen Holling comes the second novel in a sensual new trilogy full of passion and intrigue about a trio of sisters with the remarkable gift of witchcraft Gillian MacDonell has always felt lacking because unlike her sisters she did not inherit any mystical powers But when her father arranges a match with notorious Nicholas Lyon Earl of Kincreag a Scotsman rud to have murdered his wife strange visions plague her like never before From Gillian's first moment inside Kincreag Castle she is filled with foreboding and when attempts are made on her life she fears the rumors may be true But their passion burns bright and Nicholas's cold heart starts to melt Will his desire for her turn to wrath when he learns that she's really a witch after all I just loved Nicholas He was dark and mysterious at first With rumors surrounding him and it just made him so sexy Then when he took Gillian to see the wolves I was taken with him so sweet Then the way he held her at her mother's grave it made him appear so human But what got me was when he came outta the fog and rescued her I was totally lost in him from then on Even once he turned all soft I still just loved him Great character Gillian was also a great character also Wasn't really bitchy or anything All around great book can't wait to read book 3 Liked this a little less then the last one but I really enjoyed it anyway The series is one of the few historical romances I enjoy a lot always found my self not enjoying them as much as I hoped but this series is something else Don't find it too dramatic or extreme This book is a rather unusual read I usually stay away from novels with paranormal elements But occasionally I can read a witchy or fairy book The entire series is about how 3 witches found love I was curious so downloaded one of themI like the writing a lot It is not a chore to follow through That helped me with the paranormal sections Nicholas was the unfortunate jilted groom from the heroine of the first book Now he is to be paired with the 2nd sister Gillian Their encounter was rather uneventful Looking back I don't think there was anything remarkable about it What I liked the best about the book was Nicholas He was supposed to be dark and evil and he was But his interactions with Gillian made it all up Because it was a rather pleasant read I gave 4 stars In terms of content I think this is a 3 stars book It could have been a great book I really enjoyed it and did not want to stop reading it A few things to add 1 Love potion they are witches mind you What is a witch without a love potion? I was exasperated reading about Gillian giving Nicholas a love potion I would so hate her if I were Nicholas Nicholas being the suspicous man that he was did not drink it but made Gillian think that he did That saved this idiotic plot for me But come on A love potion was really testing my paranormal averse boundaries 2 All the paranormal elements I knew what I was getting into so I was prepared for it But I skim read when they went on and on about witchcraft and ghosts I think I am with Nicholas on this 3 Nicholas I like him haha secret smiles 4 Gillian kind of blah but at least she was calm and was not angry a lot This one was not uite as enjoyable as the last I kept trying to like the guy but he was just so lacking I found it uite difficult I adored the girl found her to be clever charming adoring loyal uite believable I just couldn't feel much for the guy other than distaste and disappointment and despair until the very end I did enjoy their romance though Especially when he finally confronted her about her ridiculous 'deception' from the beginning of course that was immediately followed with a deception of his own Adding the growing list of things I did not like about himIn this volume the girl discovers a HUGE clue to the evil that is making her father sick but for some unknown reason doesn't connect the dots And then she loses the clue most likely so that the sister who is a seer doesn't ever touch it and discover the plot that seems to drag on foreverThe sex was than the previous book still mostly good and actually in believable spots After reading sex where it's not inserted inappropriately just to get it into the book I may never return to Gena Showalter books The story had a nice pace I enjoyed it overall The only real negative is the illness that supposedly concerns everyone yet no one is discussing no one is looking for explanations and no one is putting the overly obvious clues together or even in context So aggravating Especially since all three sisters are supposed to be clever

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