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Abundant Rain Elizabeth Underwood Bold Vivacious Confident Her life was about to be turned upside downAs far as Elizabeth was concerned the Underwoods were the poster family for God’s blessings She had two beautiful children and an elegant home Her husband was the CEO of his own technical consulting firm and he truly loved herBut when the storms of life interrupt Elizabeth’s world will she become entangled in her struggles or will she rest in the promises of God

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    Incredible InspirationalYes Yes Yes Real life issues with real life scriptures Not overwhelming Inspiring to both the unbelievers believers Well written Great characters Thank you for the real life components

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    Read this book in 2 days Kept me in suspense the entire time I was glad to see Kenneth and Elizabeth rekindle their marriage Nothing is sustainable without God Without him there marriage would have suffered like so many today There were so many relevant points like praying consistently There is power in prayer and how we must fight on our knees A definite reread

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    Another good one I didn't know how this one was going to be but again very realistic and brought about some things I never thought about I can tell that I will love this series It is such a smooth ride Enough drama to keep you reading but nothing that will make you have to take a break from the book and go lay down lol Also so very good word in here

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    Great bookI loved this book I really felt the Lord speak to me while reading the book and I could really identify with the characters

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    I am really enjoying the Rain series I The 2nd installment Abundant Rain; we see The Lord working in the marriage of Kenneth and Elizabeth We see first hand how Satan comes to seek kill and destroy but God The Rain series is Fire

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    Excellent message of God's redemptive power and restoration I really enjoyed this one in the Rain Series Great job Vanessa Miller sorry I slept on this series so long I will be reading Latter Rain next; Isaak's Nina's story should be very good

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    Really good fictionalized account of what spiritual warfare looks like

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    Loved it

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    This was hard for me to get into

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