Good Dog Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery #2 Epub ´ Bad

Good Dog Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery #2 I haunt the book racks looking for new mystery series They're coming at me from all directions I think there's even a zombie detective or maybe that's a vampire detective Gag me with a stake But here is the real deal Real period New York in the late 40s Mean streets Murder Mayhem And a detective to love and walk with wherever he goes I LOVE Sam Russo In the orphanage from hell no one gave him a name so he named himself His parents are the people he sees at the movies He's in love with dead Carol Lombard He's a horse racing nut He loves to read exactly what I love to read classic noir Only for him it's fresh off the presses He wants to be tough He's a softie But he's pretty good at acting tough He's funny He's sad He's picked up two sidekicks who could hold a book on their own I now sit and jones for my next Sam Russo fix This is the second book The others are Shadow Roll and The Girl in the Next Room A Sam Russo Mystery Case 3If you're a fan of noir mystery to baffle and great writing walk don't run to or wherever you get your books This Sam Russo is full of what I look for in noir It opens with Sam whose dream is to be a Private Eye depressed and confused after his first serious case Shadow Roll A life of snooping around after criminals isn't what he thought it would be friends aren't who he thought they were nothing is as shiny or as snappy as the movies he watches anything but Bogart is King After what happened in Saratoga he's thinking of uitting of finding some other way to make a living of never trusting another friend But he's made new friends when he was chasing after the killer of three jockeys up in Saratoga and life just keeps happening This time it happens on BroadwayI couldn't get enough of Sam and Broadway and Jane and Mrs Willingford and Jimmy Stewart Sam isn't Bogart He isn't Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe no matter how much he'd like to be He's a kid who survived a childhood in the horror of a Children's Home stuck with monsters in a place where he could see the bright lights but wasn't part of them He's a dreamer and a lover and he's funny He can't help it He's not the strong silent type He's the slightly befuddled but basically clever mouthy kid This is a terrific series and I hope there are and of them This is a terrific series Glad there were three of them so I could get thoroughly engrossed in the world of Sam Russo In other hands Sam's world would be seedy a dead end full of creepy low lives But through Sam's almost innocent eyes though he thinks he's cynical his world is alive and full of wit and color He's one of those people who can just walk up and say what he thinks This is good and this is for a Private Eye often not so good It's the late 1940s on Staten Island where Sam was born and raised in an orphanage one you'd find these says in American Horror Story And he's still stuck in a one room dump on some downtown street where he can see Manhattan but he can't afford Manhattan Over the course of the first three books his world has widened out into Saratoga Springs Broadway Park Avenue and the hidden places on his home island He's also acuired really great company I won't spoil it by describing his growing friendships except to say if this keeps up Sam Russo and company are going to go places In my world The success of this book lies with the MC Sam Russo He cares about people even though experience has taught him that he shouldn't He loves his dog Jane He loves horses He styles himself after Bogie although he's painfully aware of his own shortcomings He's a really lovable guy This was a fun read especially with the inclusion of real life characters Jimmy Stewart There was a twist at the end which I didn't see coming at all I read the first book because I admire this writer and wanted to see what she'd do with mystery Got through Shadow Roll A Sam Russo Mystery #1 in one long exciting night So I began the next one the very next day Good Dog Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery #2 And then the next The Girl in the Next Room Basically I read all three in three days I'd be reading one now if I could Great stuff As for Jane I want her If possible the second in this new series is better than the first I've read a lot of mysteries from cozy to Jim Thompson Sam Russo falls in the middle somewhere He doesn't have an office He doesn't have much at all except a love of the movies and crime novels Sam's at the beginning of his career And I for one hope it's a long busy run Russo's not one of those silent types who exude strength and character but is distant and defended He's funny He admits his failings He feels things deeply He gets fooled But he's no uitter He's game and tenacious And no detective I've ever fallen in love with has a sidekick like Jane And no detective has ever had a Mrs Willingford to kick him around In Sam's first case Shadow Roll he was still on his own It's there at the Saratoga race track he met up with the dog and the woman I hope he never loses In this case he and Jane and Mrs Willingford are on stage literally chasing the killer of large men with small roles in hit Broadway showsNew York in the 40s is as much a character in this series as Jane Great atmosphere Comes of Longfellow writing historical fiction would be my guess I love books for all sorts of reasons One of the best reasons is because I fall in love with the people in them I don't care what they're doing I just want to be in their world with them I've just finished the third book in this new series this is the second and am jone sing for the next one I love wandering around in boring 1940s Stapleton Staten Island with Sam Russo I love his every movie filled thought I love his dog If I ever met a real dog like Jane I'd move out of this apartment immediately to provide a good home for her I'm not a guy but if I were a guy I follow Mrs Willingford wherever she went until she got a restraining order I read a lot of murder mysteries because most us of really like murder mysteries whether we admit it or not This series absolutely delights me Jane a dog with brains than the average man is at it again She's sniffing out her master's cases running rings around everyone involved Sam Russo isn't stupid but his dog is far smarterSam Russo's first case brought him two good things Jane a yodeling dog and Mrs Willingford a rich and sassy dame Now back home in his crummy Staten Island room all he wants is to relax read books and go to the movies Fat chance One knock on the door and he and Jane are careening down Broadway in and out of one hit show after another in hot pursuit of a giant killer This is the second in a new series of noir Private Eye cases centered on Sam Russo a kid from a horror of a Staten Island orphanage right after the Second World War The mysteries are mysterious I didn't figure out one of them so far the lead is funny and whimsical and self deprecating whose hero is Bogie up there on the Silver Screen Over the course of his first mystery he acuires two sidekicks both of whom could star in books of their own A TV series of Sam ought be in the making If nothing else there must be Russo and Jane and Mrs Willingford I'd do anything for Mrs Willingford This Sam Russo is even better than the first one I can't say why because it would give away so many surprises But I was just as baffled by whodunnit as I was in the first book Shadow Roll In the last chapter I almost jumped out of bed Now I'm curling with the next Sam Russo The Girl in the Next Room I shouldn't read them so fast Can't help myself

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