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Winnie and Wolf is the story of the extraordinary relationship between Winifred Wagner and Adolf Hitler that took place during the years 1925–40 as seen through the eyes of the secretary at the Wagner house in BayreuthWinifred an English girl brought up in an orphanage in East Grinstead married at the age of eighteen to the son of Germany’s most controversial genius is a passionate Germanophile a Wagnerian dreamer a Teutonic patriotIn the debacle of the post Versailles world the Wagner family hope for the coming not of a warrior a fearless Siegfried but of a Parsifal a mystic idealist a redeemer figure In 1925 they meet their Parsifal – a wild eyed Viennese opera fanatic in a trilby hat a mac and a badly fitting suit Hitler has already made a name for himself in some sections of German society through rabble rousing and street corner speeches It is Winifred though who believes she can really see his poetry Almost at once they drop formalities and call one another ‘Du’ rather than ‘Sie’ She is Winnie and he is WolfLike Winnie Hitler was an outsider Like her he was haunted by the impossibility of reconciling the pursuit of love and the pursuit of power; the ultimate inevitability if you pursued power of destruction Both had known the humiliations of poverty Both felt angry and excluded by society Both found each other in an unusual kinship that expressed itself through a love of operaIn AN Wilson’s most bold and ambitious novel yet the world of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany is brilliantly recreated and forms the backdrop to this incredible bond which ultimately reveals the remarkable capacity of human beings to deceive themselves Winnie and Wolf

About the Author: A.N. Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson is an English writer and newspaper columnist known for his critical biographies novels works of popular history and religious views He is an occasional columnist for the Daily Mail and former columnist for the London Evening Standard and has been an occasional contributor to the Times Literary Supplement New Statesman The Spectator and The Observer

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    Objectively this probably deserves like 12 stars But I am rounding it up this time because the elements of this book that were good were so satisfying that they outweigh the not so good Winnie Wolf is an ambitiou

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    This is a gorgeously written book that I could not put down It is absolutely not for everyone But if you are interested in the life and music of Richard Wagner andor the strange story of how the Nazis co opted his wo

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    To enjoy this book it is essential to be fluent in the works of Richard Wagner AN Wilson titles each of the sections of the book after one of Wagner's music dramas The person story of the narrator the Wagner family and

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    I found this meticulously researched novel engrossing It tells the story of the relationship between Winifred Wagner wife of Richard Wagner's son and Adolf Hitler but it's also the story of the relationship between Nazism

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    Very much an apology and reclamation of Wagner from the Nazis I've read other Wilson works of non fiction and I know that there are problems with his conclusions Lewis and sex for example so there's a slight sense of hmmm is

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    While this is fiction it certainly gives you a real insight into what was going on in Germany under Hitler The background on Wagner is interesting tooA bit confusing at first but once you get into it it is uite gripping

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    Wanted to read this I was familiar with AN Wilson as a biographer wasn’t disappointedThis novel enjoyment will be directly proportional to your knowledge of aGermany in between wars and bWagner’s operas if you know little log b

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    Brilliant worth rereading it grows on you liek a good wine

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    Plot timeline is a occasionally a little confusing but the book as a whole is a surprising and charming history of Wagner's music life and times

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    another that's a 35 rounded up JEEZ peoplecan we please get the 12 star thing???????rant overI do have to admit to finishing this book in one sitting I liked it didn't love it although there was something about it that really intrigued me a

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