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The Rats A Play in One Act Originally part of the collection Rule of ThreeInvited to a party in a London flat Sandra Grey and David Forrester find themselves alone Somebody knows about their affair and somebody has locked them in

About the Author: Agatha Christie

Mary Westmacott and was occasionally published under the name

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    Small drama about marriage and some fatal errors like being responsible for death of husband and having affairs like crazy She got call that her distant friends are throwing party when she got there she was surprised that they were actually on vacation what a surprise when she met there the most tal

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    I'm not sure which came first the play or the short story but this one act play follows basically the same plot line as The Spanish Chest which stars Poirot as the lead detective Having read the story first I have to say that I prefer that interpretation of the mystery as opposed to this one mainly due to t

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    I am near the end of having read all the mystery works of Agatha Christie In my opinion this is the worst of all of them I was especially surprised at the bad language

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    hello agatha thanks for coffee

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    See my review on my book blog

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