Celebrating the Third Place Inspiring Stories About the

Where Do You Go for Community that's not Work or Home?This is a wonderful book It clued me in to something I've been yearning for without realizing what it was a community The examples provided range from coffeeshops to restaurants to a garden center to a gym to a barbershop to a prison yes really These places seem to be disappearing uickly in our sterilized cookie cutter society so if you have one or manage to find one hang onto it What was it about? Comparing to his original work on sociology of places this 'work' ain't nothing than a brochure useless waste of paper if you ask meAs I have mistakenly purchased this one first I was uite furious DDon't buy it just don't stories of varying uality about inspiring 3rd places great for getting of a feel of what it takes to be a third place and how broad that category is but not all of the stories are eually a pleasure to read some are superficial and self serving and don't get at the heart of what it is that makes a great third place I read this on vacation this summer It got me all fired up and dreaming again about the 3rd Place It brought out a lot of great conversations between me and my husband and our son too I love books that spark good conversation Nationwide and entrepreneurs are committing themselves to creating and running third places also known as great good places In his landmark work The Great Good Place Ray Oldenburg identified portrayed and promoted those third places Now than ten years after the original publication of that book the time has come to celebrate the many third places that dot the American landscape and foster civic life With 20 black and white photographs Celebrating the Third Place brings together fifteen firsthand accounts by proprietors of third places as well as appreciations by fans who have made spending time at these hangouts a regular part of their lives Among the establishments profiled are a shopping center in Seattle a three hundred year old tavern in Washington DC a garden shop in Amherst Massachusetts a coffeehouse in Raleigh North Carolina a bookstore in Traverse City Michigan and a restaurant in San Francisco Mildly interesting but stories similar Not of much use to the researcher Everyone who wants to create a sense of community in their town or neighborhood needs to read this book The face of libraries across the US is changing and the Third Place might just be a coffee shop or community center not necessarily a library Librarians need to make their libraries welcoming as the third place in their community I read this after Ray Oldenburg's classic The Great Good Place This is a collection of stories and cases of Third Places across the US uick to read; also I must note that this was compiled 14 years ago and several of the places included have since failedshut down Found it interesting to begin with but the stories got old after awhile They just seemed to repeat themselves Same storie different location Prison best example of third place Celebrating the Third Place Inspiring Stories About the Great Good Places at the Heart of Our Communities

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