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Fighting Loving Teaching Despite challenges and continuing ineualities surrounding urban education there are instances which provide a counter narrative to the dominant discourses of failure Urban educators who engage conscious caring and armed love in their practice are an example of this This ualitative instrumental case study examines the practices of two transformative urban educators around caring and armed love in their classroom praxis This study examines their conceptions and practice of these approaches through interview field notes and video data The findings involve manifestations of both caring and armed love including connection nurturance through food community directness relationships honesty respect and demand as well as high expectations Despite the challenges that surrounded this school the atmosphere of caring and armed love acted like a protective barrier or space of safety for the students My conclusion points to the vital significance of re humanizing our educational discourse in favor of the genuine care and connections that exist in urban settings and the importance of re centering our discussion to focus on the human aspects of education which lie at the core of our profession

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