Optical Illusions ePUB ↠ Hardcover

Optical Illusions Optical Illusions are a bit of a universal language People from all over the globe have the same rods and cones in their eyes; so all of their eyes can be fooled into thinking erroneously This book is full of moving circles and images that aren't really there but at the same time your brain says that they are It is interactive with a decoder to help dispel what your eyes are telling you as well as an illusion that you can build at the end Children of all ages as well as adults will enjoy the trickery as well as learning a bit of science behind the optical effects With the dynamic interactive Optical Illusions each time readers turn the page lift the flaps or pull the tabs they'll be confronted with an even amazing optical illusionThis guide to the world of eye tricks is fun for the entire family providing new and gasp inducing moments on each page Along with the illusions which include a spinning thaumatrope a stereoscope and an entrancing 3D sculpture that follows you around the room readers will welcome learning the latest theories about why illusions fool us

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