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Sparrows Release Celestial Abductions #1 Sparrow is a street smart savvy cop No scratch that She just made Detective She's strong self assured and fairly satisfied with where she's going in life Her only sadness is the longing for family But then her life suddenly changes in the middle of the night when she gets unexpected company She's heard stories of Alien abductions She gives in to it fairly easily She'll be back in bed by morning with no memory of it anyway rightNavar is a ruler of a world very similar to Earth For some time now he has been watching the women of his race die off unexpectedly or become barren He is a just and fair King He would never under normal circumstances take part in the trafficking of women from another world But his people are beginning to suffer and desperate times call for desperate measures

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    read the novel and like it the short summary flashback and then the story of how Sparrow childhood was and her terrible memory of how her family was slaughtered by a serial killer was very very sad it did make perfect sense to me the strong desi

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    First in book series ? from a new to me author Interesting and promising premise that I have seen so many times before but still hope that a new or different angle will have me falling in love with it and add another author to my 'must buy' category

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    As a novel definitely two stars but as novella it probably been The plot was pretty interesting It just needed a lot substance There was a ton of jumping around and little to no flow in the story Sad because I wanted to like it Good characters but neede

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    This book went to fast and didn't really create a believeable story I mean one minute the silver hunk guy was all like I hate hairy primates then minutes later he was all like I have been waiting so long for you WTF I mean they didn't show him getting over his

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    Fun concept could use depth though

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    Not much to this short tale

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