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ueen of the Road Juggling two jobs raising her four year old daughter alone and drowning in debt Angela Ranger is struggling to survive So when Angela's father offers her a job driving trucks in the tiny rural town of Munirilla she accepts After all it's only temporaryDespite taking to the road with ease Angela finds moving to Munirilla may not be the godsend it seemed Her accommodation is dingy her fellow truckies are less than happy to see a woman on the road and the locals are reluctant to use her servicesThere is one local who's glad to see her though — fill in farm manager and loner Coop resists his natural tendency to avoid personal connections when he meets the efficient and gorgeous Angela But Coop has problems of his own — sheep are going missing his neighbours are acting strangely and the demons of his past are urging him to move on againIn Munirilla both Angela and Coop will face the ultimate test of character Will they follow reason and leave Or follow their hearts and build a home in the small towntogether

About the Author: Tricia Stringer

Tricia Stringer is a bestselling and award winning author Among others her books include commercial fiction titles Table For Eight and The Model Wife the rural romances A Chance of Stormy Weather and Come Rain or Shine and historical sagas Heart of the Country Dust on the Horizon and Jewel in the North set in the 19th Century Flinders Ranges Tricia grew up on a farm in country South Australi

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    45★sAngela Ranger was at her wit’s end – her credit card was maxed out and the second one she had taken out was almost at its limit as well Raising her four year old daughter Claudia by herself plus trying to work full time was taking it out of her When

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    Angela Ranger has than a few difficulties in her life She has a four year old daughter Claudia she is trying to raise alone since Claudia’s father walked out Angela does not get along with her stepmother Janice and so hates having to ever ask her for help Janice

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    This was really good Shelved romance in my library it's of a family dramarural fictionmystery with romantic elements What I didn't expect to find and was rather overjoyed at was a book examining in detail what it's like to be a single mother working in a nontraditional jo

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    35 starsI was totally absorbed in the female truckie storyline however Big Red at times was the centre of attention trucks are really cool in books but in real life eh not so much their bigness scares the crap out of me A big thumbs up that the romance came secondary to the story

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    I came close to putting this book aside around half way when I found the heroine so annoying I didn't want to read any further In the end I did finish the book but have to say I've enjoyed reading others from this author much And like the others I found a surprising number of errors in

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    Single mother Angela Ranger is struggling Abandoned by her former boyfriend the father of her 4yo daughter Claudia she’s been slowly drowning in debt ever since So when her father who runs a freight business offers her a job driving B double freight loads between Adelaide and the town of Mun

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    I really enjoyed this story I wanted something light after a few stressful weeks and this was just what I neededI loved Angela and her daughter Claudia I enjoyed that the story was based in South Australia and it was interesting to learn about life as a truck driver The slow burn romance with Coop w

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    ueen of the Road is Australian author Tricia Stringer’s first novel with Harleuin Australia Angela Ranger is struggling to make ends meet in Melbourne; swimming in debt and working two jobs while trying to maintain stability for her young daughter Claudia As a last resort she accepts a temporary job drivi

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    A wonderfully written story set in the Australian outback with characters that you will enjoy much so and a storyline that will keep you engrossed till the last page has been turned Tricia has vividly put forth a compelling story of love life and the struggles to survive as a single mother and a woman who chooses

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    I found it really hard to empathise with Angela While I have a huge amount of respect for single Mums I found myself increasingly frustrated with Angela and the constant string of irresponsible and silly choices she kept on making Because of this I was unable to really enjoy the story There were also some other threads t

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