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My Masters Dungeon 1 MY MASTERS' DUNGEON part 1 of the MM Kidnapped Hardcore BDSM Force Fantasy Erotica Series is a short fictional tale of a man with the selfish habit of gaining dubious consent for BDSM play from the women he meets then taking advantage of their helplessness thinking himself untouchable In a twist of Karmic justice professional bodybuilder Marcus Thorne is captured by two wealthy gay men intent on training him to similarly submit in a BDSM lifestyle and teaching him what it really means to be a slave In the first installment Travis is lured into a dark alley and forced to embark on a harrowing journey of unwilling bondage sexual servitude and total submission 10800 words Hardcore BDSM Erotica 18

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    Wait long enough and you might pick up most of this for free now part 7 the epilogue is a kindle freebie today 121812This first part is just over 500 kindle locations This is sheer pwp torture porn w noncon but I enjoyed it uite a lot The revenge story appeals to me and it is told in the first person pov of the guy who is kidnapped and enslaved Part 2 promises to be even descriptive I admit I'm

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    why do revenge rape fics needs to pretend to be BDSM fics? They're completely different things

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    WhoaI really enjoyed this short Completely MM non conkidnap BDSM story about a man guilty of date raping women getting some of his own medicine so to speak It's definitely the most hard core thing I've read hands down

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    Eeee Yikes Enormously satisfying for those of us with vengeful inclinations or sadistic leanings

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    This is one of those weirdly interesting ones It's morally ambiguous and hard to place in that there is no good guy This is a story that I'd probably use to prove that protagonist does NOT mean good guy except it's mm and rather explicit and so not something I can really use as a teaching toolAaanywaysIt's short and only a beginning I'm definitely interested in seeing where this goes Actually this kind of remin

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    I want after reading it Can't wait to get the rest of this series Finished this as my bedtime story since it's really short Yes I like it but why only 3 stars? Because view spoilerit's weird that all those new piercings on the MC's body esp those on the most sensitive parts not hurt at all???? Is that even possible? It just does not jive at all hide spoiler

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    MM short story A rapist gets a taste of his own medicine when he is kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by one of his victim's brother Graphic but not something that you really get attached to the MC Just not long enough to get attached to him

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    Intense Really intense Definitely not for the faint of heart I do like this writer though but he seems to have disappeared WeirdnessNutshell arrogant guy Marcus who's done some very bad things gets kidnapped humiliated by 5 men who are paid to bring him to two Doms to be their slave Did I mention that Marcus was straight up to this point? Anyhoo he gets of the same from his Masters once he arrives Like I said hardcore not

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    Generally not what I read but I figured it was short and free so why not All things considered there is actually a real story being told in this very short first installment of a series However is it just brutal totally non con MM torture I'm not sure if I'll read the next in the series

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    Nope not my thing I don't consider this BDSM BDSM involves consent and there is none here

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