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The Devil Of Talland ‘Find me a wife and I’ll marry her now’Overwhelmed by pity and believing he had only a few hours to live Roxanna agreed to marry the stranger she met in a Cornish inn How could she have known that she would find herself caught up in a web of intrigue and treachery where jealousy wrestled with a new found loveSnatched from death by the husband she thought dead could she trust the stranger who demanded his rights — handsome enigmatic Ross whom she suspected of being not only a smuggler but a traitor to his country

About the Author: Valentina Luellen

Pseudonym for Judith Hagar AKA Judith Polley and Helen Kent Valentina Luellen is one of the pen names of Judith Hagar She published 33 historical romances for Mills & Boon with many of the tiles featured in the Masuerade series

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