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Caged in Myth Bayou Zoo #1 Review of Caged in Myth by J T FairfieldBook One Bayou Zoo SeriesI am so happy this is a series I loved this book found it very special Smoothly and excellently written with wonderful deft characterisations and a couple at least of budding romances Sensual yet not overdrawn vivid with exciting and unexpected very original paranormal elements blending contemporary society into myth and legend and vice versaIt’s not easy being an orphan in any culture; being a Supernatural orphan in a human culture that is blind to the paranormal is difficult For a seventeen year old just discovering his orientation and faced with the need to either confront himself or to continue to hide his feelings from his best friends life is way harder Especially when someone is causing dangerous Supernatural creatures to escape from Area Five of the Bayou Zoo creatures whose existence among humans would cause catastrophe I doubt any reader can walk away from “Caged in Myth” without crying out “Where’s the next one? How soon can I read it?” Certainly I didn’t and I give this one 12 stars out of 5 Bring on the next one please I received a copy of Caged in Myth to read and review a few weeks ago Let me start off by saying that I was hooked the second I picked up this book It was a true page turner The author did an excellent job world building and developing the characters in a very short time speaking of short I finished this book in about 2 hours It was only 60 pages long and cut off directly before the climax of the story I tell you this not to discourage you from reading because you definitely should anyway but rather so you don’t attempt to download the story over and over again thinking something must be wrong my file must have been corrupted There is no way an author that is this good of a writer would have done something so unspeakable and unforgivable well they did I actually was pretty upset about it for a while Not angry upset but very disappointed While the abrupt ending did not uite ruin the story for me it got pretty darn close But I digress; I would certainly still recommend this story to readers Again you develop very close bonds with the characters and the author does an excellent job making you feel like every character is multidimensional without spending an excess amount of time on back stories and other historical information I would have loved a little time spent on Jay and Colin Colin especially as he was the least developed character with the most allure for wanting to know about him Plus the one kiss was just not enough My suggestion? Add about a hundred pages or two thickening the plot developing the setting and stretching out the interactions between the characters and you could have an AWESOME book As of right now it’s good but the ending really takes away from the novel instead of adding to it Oh and a huge THANK YOU to JT Fairfield for providing a copy to read and review I already bought another novel of yours to read and I am loving that it is set in Yellow Springs OH a mere few hours drive from my home and a favorite summer camping spot especially for the Pawpaw festival Available only in e book formatmobi my version was epub but I can't seem to find it onlineNarrative First person POVMain character ages 17Contains Violence injury sex between a heterosexual pair swearingI received this novel as a free read to review as part of the Authors Reuesting Reviews program in the Making Connections YA Edition group in GoodreadsFirst and foremost I’m very sorry but I have to disagree with the majority of the reviewers and say that I did not like Caged in Myth I am also very sorry to the author who had sounded uite nice in her email when I first received the book but since I promised an honest review I must give my honest opinion So my disclaimer please note these are just my opinions I don’t speak for anyone else I nitpick and rage sometimes for good reason sometimes for minor things that simply grate my nerves If I come off mean just blame my evil little soulI read this novel than two years ago and one may be wondering why I'm coming back to review it now Back then I had received this ebook in return for an honest review through ARR I completed the book and at that moment all I could think about was becoming a potato Please let me unread this nowYeah I figured I was being a little over dramatic so I decided I needed to cool down before I could properly write a review Cooling down took me about two years and a month or so although that's mostly because I just forgot about it due to life commitments and all that fun stuff and now that I'm looking back this is how I feel after browsing through it again to see if I had a change of heart Nope can't help it Answer's still noBut anyways let's move on to the story now shall weSUMMARYAt the start of the novel we meet our main charactersBOOTSBoots Boots They’re wearing boots Boots that make gravel crunch as their boots hit the groundLEGSLegs Legs Long legs Don’t forget they’re looooong Legs Because boots come with legs and at the end of these legs are feet wearing bootsSWEATSweat Sweat Sweat is everything Sweat is love Sweat is life Trailing down your long legs and pooling in your boots There is so much sweat it replaces plain water Mmmm sweat Even the humans in the novel drink the stuff You know you want some ‘o dat Grace had ambled over with some sweat tea while we worked on the roof during the early afternoon hours when the sun was at it’s most hellish Its Its Its It’s its gosh darn itOh yeah and there’s Pornstar The Long legged “Khaki Maffia” not a typo Sidekicks Slutty Girl #69 other people ummm who else supernatural animals ehh just read the blurb about the bookAnd then Mmmm sexy Oh yeah MmmhmmAnd before I forget to mention this is our narratorJAYJay Jay’s very horny And that's Pornstar's sweat right there Mmmm sweat Pornstar sweats so hotly and smexily that Jay can't help but fall in love with him Look at those eyes Aren't they so filled with love and devoted adoration?Eventually things get figured outOh dear me eeeeebilness on the horizonWhere are those bloody eagles when you TO BE CONTINUED no not really JOKE ACTUAL REVIEWPRESENTATION ★Version EpubSo I'm basing my impressions of the formatting and appeal on the ebook I was sent I initially was going to give it two stars out of five but I changed my mind after going through the book again First of all the table of contents is before the cover oh the cover I'll get to that later which doesn't usually happen in my experience? Secondly each chapter is called chapter Let me explain For example CHAPTER ONE is called Chapter 1 CHAPTER TWO is called Chapter 2 and onwards Why? I frankly don't know but this theme of repetition continues on throughout the rest of the novel Maybe it's some sort of complicated metaphor that I'm not picking up on If so apologies for my feeble brain but I think this really is just a case of lazy formatting My third niggle may just be personal preference but I did not see the need for Scenes Each chapter is divided into Scenes These Scenes are basically transitions from one set piece to another Since I don't think I'm reading a play I really don't see a need for Scenes especially within a short book where a few pages or less make up one Scene Besides each scene isn't even labelled aside from a couple of asterisks indicating a break Actually not that I'm talking about it maybe this is a little pettyAnd alas the cover Please tell me that is not a smoky blue uterus Even ignoring the mystical fallopian tubes and ovaries the rest of the cover is pixelated grainy and looks like it was done in PaintCHARACTERS ★The narrator is gay and horny His two best friends are straight and horny Love interest AKA Pornstar is bisexual and horny The slutty girl is slutty and horny and the message here seems to be that slutty girls are bad and let's not forget to mention slutty and horny and slutty Oh and there are other people like Rababableblubidyblah and side characters of I frankly don't give a pooJay is the narrator As I mentioned before he is horny He is reeeeeally horny He is especially horny for his co worker Mr Pornstar AKA Colin Jay is sooo horny that he falls in sweet glorious lurrrrve with him Wait what? For most of the novel Jay talks about how hot and sexy Pornstar is Jay practically spends his days drooling for Pornstar and when Pornstar starts to show an interest in him Jay falls in love Instalove at its finest? Nothing like horniness to reveal your true deep inner feelings for another person I'm usually fine with some cases of instalove as long as it's written well but in this case? Yeah not for meAs for everyone else? To think that I gave The Fox's Mask a hard time for having flat characters What made it worse was the seventeen year old characters often do not even sound or act seventeen If I hadn't been told their ages I would have guessed that Jay and his friends were a bunch of horny twelve year olds For example Jay and co have matching ID cards calling themselves the Khaki Maffia that have no other use aside from just being there to solidify their friendship? Sidekick friend #1 calls the IDs freakin’ sweet and sidekick friend #2 came up with the name himself like the uber coolio dudes they are I understand that sometimes we do geeky things for fun but matching ID cards with no other use at least from what I read other than to call myself a Khaki Maffia member? Anyways the language these teens use at times often don't really sound natural Heck most of the dialogue doesn't sound very natural I'm not a professional writer so I can't uite pinpoint exactly what was wrong with the language but imagining people speaking the lines that appear in the book just felt strange and clunky like the rest of the writing There is gratuitous swearing but then one of Jay's sidekick friends calls his sister a prude on two separate occasions I can't even remember the last time I heard that word used in casual dialogue Lastly the boys at seventeen get sooooooooooo excited over the thought that they can drink beer 'Beer Beer Beer Oh Em Gee we gonna get beer' This was the feeling I was getting from their discussion about beer I know the author may have been trying to write a younger contemporary teen voice but really?PLOT SETTING ★★The novel begins as a sort of whodunnit with someone tampering with the cages and letting some creatures out to roam free Then it drifts back and forth between how horny Jay is to introducing an evil organization then throwing To Be Continued Did you want to know the rest of that sentence? Tough luck mate Wait a couple of years and maybe I'll add to it JOKEHowever to be honest I grew so distracted by the writing and characters that I could barely pay attention to the overall plot It was sort of like seeing someone with just a ton of spinach stuck in their teeth That person could very well have a half decent smile but gosh darn it did their teeth make out with a dozen spinach salads that refused to be digested?Overall I do have to give it an extra star for having a uniue setting Interesting idea horrible execution thoughWRITING ☠Above all of the little miffs and niggles that bothered me about the novel what truly killed any enjoyment I may have experienced from the story was the writing Normally I don't need to read an exuisitely written novel in order for me to enjoy the work as long as the story is good I can even forgive the occasional purple prose typos and grammatical errors since I understand that not everyone is a perfect writer Heck I've probably made a multitude of mistakes in this review alone already All I ask of a novel is to entertain me and try to keep errors to a minimum Show some effort in the writing department since at the end of the day this is a novel that you want others to pay for and novels need a certain level of attention to the writing especially published onesWhat made me rage while I was reading this book was the deluge of mistakes clunky sentences and repetition littered through the first chapter and onwards WHERE WAS THE EDITOR? Even a single proofread of the novel would have caught these blatant errors that completely detracted from the story and distracted me to the point where I was wondering when I had switched from being a reviewer to a first draft proofreader This novel read like a lengthy gay Twilight fanfiction that someone decided to put into ebook formatMistakes range from kindergarten Maffia later spelled Mafia Colin later spelled Collin Zander sometimes written as Xander then back to Zander it's instead of its Faun’s instead of Fauns sweat tea and Then there is what Furio's Goodreads review called an embarrassing number of awkward repetitionsThis is all mentioned in the same chapter on the same page at least for me in succession long lean legs first leg barring my way his outstretched legs moving his legs and still outstretched legs And then there are the boots that are scattered throughout the novel old steel toed leather work boots manure caked rubber boots battered leather boots boots hitting the ground toe of his black boot booted feet heel of his boot my boot crunched one dainty booted foot knee high black rubber boots pull my boots off stow my boots lacing my work boots heavy boots clomping noise of our boots clomping booted feet shuffling and grass under my boots If this novel was about boots I would be understandingENTERTAINMENT VALUE ★I did not enjoy reading this novel and instead had to force myself through although I do give it one star for exercising my proofreading skillsCONCLUSION ★Overall this novel needs a lot work than what was put into it Of course a lot of work may have been already put into it but in my opinion it needed Proofreading would be a good start Some writing exercises may help sharpen descriptions Of course for all my moaning and groaning I've never personally written a novel although this review seems to be uickly becoming one so good on the author for trying This novella took me by surprise It definitely grabs your attention from the first paragraph and keeps you eager to continue readingLet's get this out of the way Jay is gay Everyone keeps their clothes on there is a kiss and plenty of fantasies that you know without a doubt Jay is burning hot for Colin I can relate to the attraction of a bad boy with killer abs and smoldering eyes I get you Jay I get youFor a short book I really felt like I was getting to know a lot of these characters uite intimately And they each were interesting for different reasons But they all added something to this story that made it so interesting and hinted at mysteries not yet exploredI loved the originality of this story I wish there were details on Level 5's mysterious and mythical creatures There wasn't enough to satisfy me That to me was one of the best parts of this story The creatures kept in this Level were really cool and I wanted to know about them The originality earned each one of those stars though the writing was really good too but THAT ENDING Seriously??? It was like the novel was chopped at the best part I understand why writers may choose to do that but I love series where each book can essentially stand on its own Not this one But I see what you did there Author I see itIf you were trying to reel me in and get me invested If you were trying to make me as hot for what happens next as Jay is to get into Colin's pants If you were hoping for cliffhanger forgiveness and have me waiting on pins and needles for the next installment then I admit that you succeeded I hope you are writing that second installment fastI received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the authorpublisher; this in no way influenced my review all opinions are 100% honest and my own It is rare to find a book on the young adult market with a truly uniue plot Between all of the vampires and apocalypses a book about a zoo housing mythological creatures narrated by a gay protagonist certainly stands outThere were a lot of things I liked about this book as well as some things I thought could have used a little work Obviously the originality is something I appreciate I love any book based in mythology and this one certainly was I would call this a paranormal story but it’s a different kind of paranormalI also thought it was interesting that Fairfield made the protagonist Jay gay Having an LGBT protagonist alone is unusual in young adult lit but having one in a fantasyparanormal novel is something I have only heard of in Malinda Lo’s books Young adult literature could definitely use some diversity whether it be from race sexuality gender or abilityThat being said I wish there had been interactions with Colin throughout the book and not only ones involving sex or sexual tension In addition I would have liked to see some interactions with the zookeepers and the creatures We spend most of the story inside Jay’s head and while there is certainly dialogue with other characters I felt like there wasn’t enough to keep it moving all the way through even though it was a short bookStill I am uite curious to find out about PETMC the organization that wants to free the creatures of Area Five thereby exposing the magical world I also hope to see Colin and Jay’s relationship progress further in the next books as well as for the mystery of Grace the hypersexual Kitsune to be solved as I felt she was another element of the story that I wasn’t completely satisfied with In general I feel “Caged in Myth” and the Bayou Zoo series has the potential to become very interesting and look forward to the release of Book 2NOTE Though I received this book from the author that in no way has affected my review of it Review of “Caged in Myth The Bayou ZooBy J T FairfieldLists for 199 on com This is the story or an orphan boy Octavian Julius McKellter or Jay to his fellow orphans and friends His life is hard for he works in a zoo cleaning cages and feeding animals but this is no ordinary zoo This zoo in fact has many secrets He is a keeper of secrets too Not only must he keep the animals in the zoo caged but he has kept himself caged for his 17 yrs Jay is not normal for he has many powers and capabilities that other teenage boys do not possess He also has a secret that he tries to hide from even himself Jay has found the object of his desires and this time it is not a girl He finds it hard to keep the abnormal zoo animals caged and his new disturbing desires He wants to ignore the significance of the fearsome animals that escape from the hidden zoo and his own coming of age fearsome desires but in the end neither can be He must acknowledge the escaped zoo occupants from zoo five and his own feelings I found this author drawing me into the realm of teenage worries and fears I felt for Jay and his friends The character development was sincere and intriguing I loved the way the author surprised you with the paranormal animals and boys Jay’s friends each had their own way of handling their fears and their objectivity It was an endearing and worthwhile jaunt into another world of supernatural teenagers and into the fears of normal teenagers and their emerging sexualities It was well worth the read and I wanted I want to read the next installment I am an author for Eternal Press and a reviewer for The Romance Reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed this book I highly recommend this author’s book and eagerly await the next release in this seriesI give “Caged in Myth” five stars Great workLinda Hays Gibbs “Angel in My Heart Devil in My Soul” “My Angel My Light as Darkness Falls”wwwlindahaysgibbsblogspotcomwwwlindahaysgibbspbworkscomwwweternalpressbizrosedruaolcom I'm giving this 5 stars but my heart calls it four and a half stars because any book that has a cliffhanger ending automatically loses half a star So be warned this book is gonna piss you off when it abruptly ends That being said how annoyed I was at the ending is a sign of how much I loved the storyFairfield constructs a very interesting world where people of supernatural heritage live and work together taking care of mythical creatures Of course when you put a bunch of teens together sexual tension is sure to come upIn this book that tension forms between Jay the main character and Colin a slightly older almost irresistible character Jay's desire for Colin jumps off the page and makes you want him to be with Colin as much as he wants it While this is a constant in the book it never becomes an overwhelming focus There is far interesting action going on at the zoo I really liked the world of this book it was immediately enthralling and believable The mystery at the zoo was well balanced with the beginnings of Jay coming to term with his feelings for guys and Colin in particular I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy mystery with a love story Caged in Myth is a wicked fun YA paranormal full of sexy MM adventure and memorable characters Octavian Julius Jay for short works in a zoo for paranormal creatures gnomes unicorns and sirens are only a few of the beasts we encounter and balances trying to stay alive with trying to get a handle on teenage hormones and his attraction to a fellow male zookeeperThe world of this novella is uniue and so much fun to discover as you read that I don't want to give you too many details I'll just say that there are enough secrets and surprises to ensure you read this in one sitting totally fascinated Okay one hint the concept of People for the Ethical Treatment of Magical Creatures make me snicker out loud Jay is a believable hero with a clear voice that lends humour to the tale His origin story and contempt for it he was abandoned by his parents in a woven basket a cliche that bugs the crap out of him sets up a real vulnerability as he struggles to come to grips with his sexuality I really enjoyed spending time with Jay and can't wait to read the next Bayou Zoo book since this one ended with a cliffhanger and a palpable sense of danger Genre ya paranormal lgbtRating def of 5 starsState hocked SHIT SHITSHITSHITSHITETC OH GODS bAMAZINGIn summary Octavian Julius McKellter nickname Jay is a 17 year old zoo keeper in the supernatural zoo This zoo contains many magical animals and not just normal animals like we know them Jay is hiding his true personality He is hiding who he is from everyone and his friends He is GAY He is keeping his cell phone all the time with him just to get a call from Him Or he wishes to Colin Colin is also a zoo keeper He is 20 year A sexy handsome supernatural creature animal or non human Berserker his saliva has the ability to heal wounds Getting outside to fetch his cell he sees Colin With a co worker Grace her legs wrapped around him and they were about to Fuk each other I couldn’t breathe air turned to fire in my lungs and I wanted to hate him I wanted to hate him but all I could do was hate myself for being this way Grace moaned and I clenched my fist so hard the keys to my jeep dug into my palm Colin sees him he whispers something in her ears and she goes inside Before I could complete my sidestep Colin’s hands came down on either side of me resting against the hood of the jeep and caging me in “Shi it” I choked “Easy McKellter” My name rolled off his tongue and it sounded like the sweetest endearment instead of the joke everyone else made it His eyes flashed another peek at that eerie—no sexy—glow His friend comes out and Colin is gone leaving Jay very confused about what happened between them The next meeting was in area 5 the most dangerous area One of the animals escapes But instead Jay falls a prey for these eight pack abs and they endanger him instead of baying attention to the surroundings he is staring at ColinStanding here with an erection trying its best to peak out of the top of my pants Colin’s thumb a uarter inch away from brushing the tip I had to admit it He was a man Strong and tall and masculine in a way most men strove to be their entire lives but never uite managed And I wanted him so bad I didn’t even hear the attack coming Something that felt like a semi truck smacked into the back of me shooting me forward face first onto the dirt path I must have blacked out for a minute because when I came to my head was pounding my lungs filled with fire instead of the oxygen that should’ve been there and my back was covered in a strange aching numbness He tells Colin to go for the hunt because it is what Colin wanted all along because of his nature But Colin answers “Nah man I think I’ll stay here Plus someone’s gonna have to get you home and outa these clothes” He wagged his perfectly arched eyebrows “Don’t want anyone else getting the honor” C'mon is there anything cuter than this?And while injecting him with the anti venom Colin’s lips moved pressed against my ear where I could feel the words but not hear them over the screaming my screaming I panted trying to shove all the pain into a compartment inside where it couldn’t reach me And then the beautiful promise “I’ve got you You’re gonna be fine man It’s gonna be fine I’ve got you” And Colin says this amazing statement “I don’t like seeing you hurt” It leaved me BREATHLESSWhen they are alone in the trailer Jay came to conclusion he no longer wanting to deny the truth who he is and what he want to do with Colin the fact he wants to kiss him badlyit is their first kiss No the first kiss for Jay with a man with ColinColin slid a hand to the back of my neck the movement gentle yet firm Long work hardened fingers threaded through the slightly shaggy hair at the back of my neck before he applied the perfect amount of pressure bringing my lips to meet his in a kiss that was demanding forceful and arousing than any kiss I’d had the pleasure of experiencing before this moment But the poor his first kiss was interrupted and turned from happy even into sad event When his friends caught him pressed against Colin One of his friends Alex calls him Fag and treats him in a bad way and stars to ignore him That's so sad finally a meeting is held Colin is not there grace disappears Something wrong There is someone trying to loosen all these dangerous animals And a vision comes to his mind My own heart stopped my breath lodged in my throat upon the sight of a ruggedly handsome face twisted with pain and lifeless amber eyes staring at the ceiling Colin That was it endsReally?I need to know to toplease dear authors?Is he going to find him?To save him? This work is amazingly done by the authors clapping handsRating is Of Or maybe likely 1010My ideas are One the idea about the supernatural magical animals and non humans is well painted fascinating the authors build a very beautiful coherent paranormal fantasy worldTwo both characters the hero narrator Jay and Colin are both loveableespecially Colinwhy?Because Jay says that Colin is perfectAnd Colin is PERFECTThe authors did create a great and perfect characterI can't find anything that contradicts with the authors' words So Believe that Colin is perfect Colin hard cheeky handsome guy black hair amber eyes with a bit of shyness No kidding he blushed And jay good all what he did during book 1 is totally affirmative; I couldn't find any negative deed Three there is no ending for the excitement I've felt great adventure big paranormal world crammed all in small book I never felt bored for one moment I finished the book in one sit Forth my fav scenes are; the attack of the monster Amazingit was like I was watching a movie After being poisoned and when he was given the cure So true and the authors had beautiful way of handling things When we were introduced to Colin while he is flirting with grace I felt my heart is ripped out of my chest The first kiss scene Manly and romantic made me dreamyThis book is a master peace In this book I liked I loved I smiled my heart flied I enjoyed and it was totally worth staying awake through the night This is one of the books that I felt very attached and connected to the narrator and the main hero It is recommended def for Ya lgbt fansDon't miss itBuy itRead itAnd enjoy Caged in Myth LGBT Upper YA Urban FantasyCAUTION This title contains cursing graphic violence and references to sexAbandoned as a baby and left in an orphanage for supernatural children Octavian Julius McKellter— “Jay” to everyone who doesn’t want a punch in the face—now seventeen is working full time as a zookeeper at the Bayou Zoo and Auarium while struggling to finish his GED The Bayou Zoo staffed entirely by supernaturals is one of many zoos across the country secretly housing magical creatures deemed too dangerous by the supernatural community to remain in the wildJay ‘s job is made complicated when accidents start happening too often to truly be accidents and habitats in Area Five—the covert section of the zoo which houses the magical creatures— are sabotaged allowing some of the creatures to escapeWorking closely with Colin a fellow zookeeper to determine who’s causing the problems and why is both a dream come true and a nightmare for Jay Being gay isn’t something Jay’s prepared to accept with enthusiasm Colin’s the first male he’s ever been attracted to and the guy doesn’t even have the decency to be effeminate which Jay thinks would somehow be easier to accept Colin’s tall strong and everything that’s masculine And Jay can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to press their lips together or draw his fingers down Colin’s tightly packed abs Because someone’s bent on exposing supernaturals to the world by releasing the Bayou Zoo’s magical creatures even if it means a little death and destruction in the process there’s little time for Jay to worry about the ramifications of his shifting sexuality or the way Colin looks without his shirt on Keeping his sexuality a secret seems like just as big a job as keeping the entire Supernatural community and its captive magical creatures shrouded from the human world As the sabotage attempts escalate Jay must juggle his budding relationship with Colin discovering who’s behind the disruption in Area Five and staying alive while capturing loosened deadly Gryphons Gnomes and Harpies

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