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Knowing Me, Knowing You A tale about the past present and future relived with the help of ABBAIf your life were an ABBA song which one would it be Right now Maggie Corcoran is facing her own private Waterloo On the day her cancer treatment begins Maggie discovers that ABBA are reforming in Stockholm for one concert only and suddenly she has a dream She must bring together the Abbaholics fan club she formed as a teenager to travel to the show But Maggie soon discovers that not everyone wants to go back in time

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    I came across this book during my work day a nice lady called Anne was holding it and as I looked at the title of the book I immediately thought of ABBA Back in the day my best friend Helen and I used to pretend to be Agnetha and Frida and all these years late

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    At first I thought this book was written about me a forty something Abba loving library officer but that is where the similarities end Even though this novel deals with some serious subjects overall it is a fun read especially if you like Abba and who doesn't have

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    I bought this at a book sale out of curiosity to balance my other serious books It’s a story about four fans of ABBA who separated and lived their different but unhappy lives over the years They reunite in time for an ABBA concert and rekindle their friendshipPerha

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    I had a great time with this novel and was in total suspense to see if Maggie would get her reunion concert it became very important to me as I became and invested in these four characters' stories and lives There are a lot of dark themes here cancer domestic abuse bullying

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About the Author: Brian Finnegan

I am the author of two novels 'The Forced Redundancy Film Club' and 'Knowing Me Knowing You' which have been bestsellers in Ireland The latter has just been translated into Norwegian with other translations pendingMy third novel will be published by Hachette in June 2017By day I'm a magazine editor and newspaper columnist