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Kicking It Featuring stories by FAITH HUNTER KALAYNA PRICE RACHEL CAINE CHLOE NEILL ROB THURMAN SHANNON K BUTCHER LUCIENNE DIVER CHRIS MARIE GREEN CHRISTINA HENRY New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine has modern day potions witches Holly and Andrew facing off against a firebrand politician who wears literally killer boots in a Texas sized rodeo of trouble Boot loving Cadogan vampire Lindsey must team up with off again on again vampire partner Luc when a woman from her past is targeted by supernaturals in New York Times bestselling author Chloe Neill’s all new adventure And New York Times bestselling author Rob Thurman features Trixa Iktomi from her Trickster series dealing with magical vengeance and magical footwear Taking kick ass urban fantasy literally USA Today bestselling authors Kalayna Price and Faith Hunter bring together the best of the genre to once again prove when you’re fighting supernatural forces it helps to keep your feet on the ground High Stakes 4 starsThis was such a cute short story I love Lindsey almost as much as Luc so I was excited when I found out about this novella although I might have enjoyed it a little bit if it was written from Luc's POV we don't really know that much about Luc's personal life and I would really like to find out about himI liked insight into Lindsey's past even though I wouldn't be angry if it was just a little bit longer and offered us details I was glad to see Lindsey cares about her relatives even after all these years The plot twist was in my opinion very predictable but overall didn't ruin the story for me Because let's be honest we didn't read this book for the mystery we read it because of naked Luc High Stakes by Chloe Neill is the only story I read in this anthologyIt’s a normal day at Cadogan House for Lindsey and Luc until Lindsey receives a message from her Grand Niece Someone has threatened her That person wants Lindsey to go back to New York City the place where she was turned into a vampire in the 1920s Lindsey cannot figure out who is behind the threats Everyone from her past is dead But taking no chances she leaves Cadogan House and Luc behind to confront her enemyThis is a very short story and part of Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series Luc and Lindsey are two of my favorite characters in the series but this story really doesn’t do them justice It’s short and predictablea good way to pass the time My rating 35 Stars The great thing about anthologies is that they often give you a chance to try out a whole bunch of new authors Kicking It has some big name authors from the urban fantasy genre so although I was most excited to read Chloe Neill and Kalayna Price's stories it was great to get to try some other new to me series tooI'll talk briefly about each story below but my overall opinion of this book is good With any anthology there will always be some stories that you enjoy than others but this collection definitely contains hits than misses and even the ones I didn't love were well written I just believe I'd have enjoyed them if I was already familiar with the series they belong to Forked Tongues by Rachel Caine In Forked Tongues Holly Andy are facing off against a demon who is riling up the general public against witches It's already led to one murder and and Holly is the demon's latest target so they need to work fast if they want their lives to get back to normal This is the second short story that I've read about this couple and I'm really enjoying getting to know them both I love that Holly is a resurrection witch and that Andy is someone she brought back from the dead but I really must read their first story so I can find out how they first met I actually think it's a shame Rachel Caine hasn't written a full length book about these two because they're such interesting characters Stolen Goods by Shannon K Butcher I believe Stolen Goods is a stand alone story but it would make a great start to a series so I'd definitely read if the author decided to expand on it It's an action packed story starring a thief and a master craftsman who is an expert at making weapons He has something she wants but she'll only get to keep it if she helps him pull of the heist to end all heists The Girl With No Name by Chris Marie Green The Girl With No Name features a character from Chris Marie Green's Vampire Babylon series and is about someone who has completely lost her memory Imagine waking up in a strange room with no idea how you got there or even who you are and then trying to figure out how you got there While this story did make me curious enough to add the first book to my to read mountain I do think I'd have enjoyed this if I was already familiar with the world The Devil's Left Boot by Faith Hunter I feel a bit ashamed to admit I've never read the Jane Yellowrock series its one I've heard great things about and have been meaning to read forever so now that I've enjoyed two stories set in this world I don't really have any excuses This story focuses on twin sisters Cia and Liz both are witches who I believe have been side characters in the main series When they are contacted by one of the mean kids who used to bully them in school they are reluctant to help her in any way but once they realise her mother is missing and that blood magic may have been involved in the disappearance they feel like they have to step in There is only a brief appearance from Jane but I like this world and I really want to spend time in it High Stakes by Chloe Neill I honestly can't believe it's taken me this long to discover High Stakes I absolutely love the Chicagoland Vampires series and really like both Luc and Lindsay so I'm not sure how I missed this story about them being published I didn't even realise Chloe Neill had a story in this anthology until I picked it up to start reading observant I am not LOL Anyway this was by far my favourite story in Kicking It it was great to learn about Lindsay's past before she moved to Chicago and it answered some uestions about why she has always been so determined to keep Luc at arm's length They're such a cute couple and I liked that Luc always had her back even when she tried to push him away Their relationship seems much solid by the end of the story but I'd still love to read at least another short story about them to learn about Luc's background and just to spend time with them This was a lovely addition to the Chicagoland world The Parlor by Lucienne Diver I've not read anything by Lucienne Diver before but The Parlor definitely left me wanting to read from the Latter Day Olympians series The story is about PI Tori who has been asked to run surveillance on a suspected cheating husband It should be a pretty boring job but when the husband goes into a gambling den called The Parlor and doesn't come back out things get much interesting With hints of Greek mythology and ancient Gods roaming around in the current day this series ticks a lot of my boxes and I can't wait to carry on reading it Red Isn't Really My Color by Christina Henry Christina Henry's Black Wings series is another one that's been on my radar for years but I haven't uite got around to reading it yet Although I'm not familiar with this world I still enjoyed the story and I'm now even curious about the rest of the series The main character Madeline has been sent to track down a pair of red shoes but when you're given a mission by Lucifer you know things are going to get complicated and these aren't any ordinary shoes I liked Madeline and this was a fun read Snakeskin by Rob Thurman Snakeskin is the introduction to Rob Thurman's Trickster series and it added yet another series to my to read mountain Main character Trixa runs a bar but also makes very good money on the side by taking on special projects for clients I was completely hooked by this story it totally defines the phrase be careful what you wish for and I loved the way Trixa went about granting her latest client's reuest Sometimes the bad guys really do get what they deserve Ruby Red by Kalayna Price The main reason I actually picked up this anthology is because I'm currently rereading the first few Alex Craft books so that I can finally catch up with the latest releases Ruby Red introduces us to new characters Briar and Derrick both members of the MCIB Magical Crimes Investigation Bureau They were supposed to be on vacation but get called back into work thanks to the outbreak of a mysterious magical virus These characters haven't been in the first two books in the Alex Craft series but I believe they have a role to play in the third book Grave Memory it's been a long time since I first read that book so I really can't remember now I liked them both so hope that they'll become series regulars and that we'll see a lot of them in the future LucLindsey short story High Stakes Chloe Neill has hinted at a Luc Lindsey story for uite some time now and with this little novella she delievers a short and sweet little foray into their lives These two have so much history and passion and watching them interact with one another with such gentleness and love was amazing I've loved Lindsey from the start but in this story I fell in love with Luc The mystery was also uite intriguing as it dwelled into Lindsey's past Overall if you're a fan of the CLV world this little novella is worth the read My rating is based on Linds and Luc's storyHIGH STAKES Chicagoland Vampires #85 by Chloe NeillI have been waiting for this since I read Some Girls Bite about 3 or 4 years ago? A part of me is angry because it was only one short story and it's not like they get much time in the actual books but I'm also glad it was short because dragging Lindsay's issues with commitment for longer would have been overkill At the same time in a full lenght novel Neill could have explored Lindsay's background further something I loved about the story and maybe even Luc's whom we know almost nothing about Anyhow this is what we got and I MOTHERFUCKING LOVED ITBEWARE The following show the fangirl mode I entered before while and after reading this I'm still jumpy but some stories just mess with you like thatview spoiler hide spoiler Well this is a fabulous opportunity to sample the collected talents of some of the best authors of urban fantasy around today This little gem contains short stories by best selling authors that are a delight to read These tales whilst by nature short pack a punch Each one is filled with madness and mayhem done in a kick ass style by heroines who take girl power to the extreme A collection of supernatural stories with the women large and in chargeFrom witches to demons from Gods to shoe obsessed vampires this book is chock full of delights A great way to catch up with some of the established authors published works but also a chance to sample new ones Most of the authors included are not new to me but I found it an excellent way to try work by one or two that had so far eluded my Kindle I think what delighted me most was being able to read about characters that usually take a back role in some of the popular seriesIf you think the dark is scary then you really need these feisty females on your side One thing is certain though if you read this you will be thoroughly entertained This was a good novella especially if you like your books action packed and full of kick ass heroines with a leather fetish luckily I lap that stuff up I was also pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed nearly all of the stories in this anthology some I did like than others but generally I now have a few series to add to my reading listsForked Tongues Rachel CaineThis anthology kicks off with a bang with Rachel Caine's Forked Tongues although I haven't really read any Rachel Caine before this short story has definitely prompted me into trying out one of her series It gave you a uick shot of demon hunting and witches as well as a little romance between the characters I am definitely going to have to find out what series this is from and full in the gapsStolen Goods by Shannon K ButcherA short but action packed novella involving a magical pair of red boots and hammer being put to use in nefarious ways This short story is a really intriguing start to a series or maybe a preuel to a pre existing one? I am not sure that has left me wanting to a lot about the main characters; the beautiful and deadly Simone and craftsman Marcus and to see what is going to happen next in the battle against the bad guysThe Girl with No Name by Chris Marie GreenYou wake up in an unfamiliar bed with no recollection of where you are and how you got thereyes this may seem like a normal Saturday morning but for the heroine of this tale not only does she not know where she is she doesn't know who she is We hop along on her ride to discover her identity and why the bad guys with the glowing red eyes seems to be following her This was an entertaining story with plenty of action and a bit of mystery; however it definitely wasn't my favourite story in this anthologyThe Devil's Left Boot by Faith HunterFaith Hunter brings gives us a story set in her Jane Yellowrock universe about twin witches Cia and Liz who are reluctantly helping their high school nemesis look for her missing mother I really enjoyed this story and it has definitely prompted me to move the Jane Yellowrock series up in my TBR pile as Faith Hunter wrote a story full of action witchcraft and intriguing charactersHigh Stakes by Chloe NeillI haven't read the Chicagoland Vampire series although I believe I will have to rectify that soon for those of you who have I imagine High Stakes will be a must read It is a story about Luc and Lindsey who I assume are characters from the main series Lindsey's murky past has reared its head and she must go back to New York and face it and face it alone despite Luc's protests I really enjoyed this story it had a touch of romance and heat which is something the other books have lacked this added spice to this novella and had me racing through the pagesThe Parlor by Lucienne DiverSpying on a supposedly cheating husband is no fun of course it all turns a little interesting and a lot dangerous when Tori discovers the husband in The Parlor The Parlor is a gambling hot spot run by a mysterious woman in dark sunglasses and a foreboding sense of style This is another action packed addition to this anthology and one of the stories I enjoyed the most it has definitely inspired me to add Lucienne Diver's Latter Day Olympians series to my TBR mountainRed Really Isn't My Colour by Christina HenryThis is a novella set with in Christina Henry's Black Wing's series where Madeline Black has been tasked by her great granddaddy Lucifer to look for a pair of red shoes Of course they aren't a normal red pair of shoes when the shoes are put on the wearer will literally dance themselves to death This is an entertaining story if you are a fan of the Black Wing's series than this is definitely a must read but although I haven't read that series it was still a uick and fun readSnake Skin by Rob ThurmanI tried with this story but short as it was I just couldn't get on with it I read a little bit of it but I skipped most of it I couldn't get on with the writing style and the story wasn't interesting enough for me to be inspired to continue anywaysRuby Red by Kalayna PriceAlthough I haven't read the Alex Craft series I believe Derrick and Briar are characters within the series this novella shows them solving a case of some mysterious creatures that are leaching the will to live from their victims which is all somehow connected to a pair of sexy red shoes Like a few stories in this novella this would probably be appreciated if you have read the Alex Cross series; however if you haven't like me it was still an action packed adventure that will keep you entertained and give you a taster of the series Most anthologies have both good and not so good stories This one is the exception in that the range is from pretty darn good to fabulous The other thing I like about this anthology was the length of the stories They all had some meat on the bones enough to let the stories develop I was fortunate to have read a few of these authors before and I am a big fan of Faith Hunter Rachel Caine and Kaylayna Price and have read a little from Rob Thurman and Chloe Neil The four I have not read before were very good as well and I was especially intrigued by the stories from Christina Henry and Chris Marie Green I will have to buy one of their books The theme of the magical footwear ties the stories together between two strong selections from Rachael Caine and Kalayna Price both of which contain characters that seem to me worthy of their own series I hope to see of them in the future

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