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Graphic Design Rules Ask any graphic designer the world over about their preferred approach to setting type choosing a colour or beginning a new layout and you will rarely get exactly the same answer twice Every creative has their own individual approach or importantly their own combinations of the thousands of techniues one can apply when planning a new design project But there are some dos and don'ts that always figure strongly in any heated debate about what one should or should not accept as the right way to create the best graphic design Packed with practical advice but presented in a light hearted fashion Graphic Design Rules is the perfect book for the ever growing group of non designers who want some graphic design guidance

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    I am a non designer so I wanted something to give me a broad overview of designing principles So if you want to use my review to decide if this book is for you remember that this is where I am coming from In general the book does provide some interesting basic p

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    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” is the kind of designer wisdom given past present and future Graphic Design Rules is full of essential knowledge and elaborations of this for junior level designer wannabes and specifically the self taught designer They

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    The book might be too “obvious” for those who have been active in design field for many years but it is nicely written and very useful for those who are still in the beginning I personally found some very useful information in the last chapter some piece of advice on how

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    It is a good book to start from It gives you a full picture of basic rules of graphic design I really recommend it

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    Good read for beginners ¼ is a manual for InDesign® though be warned

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    I considered this book a must read as a graphic designer just starting out While I was at uni I realised that there were a lot of unspoken often untaught rules about layout and typography that I just needed know It made me insecure and afraid to make mistakes making me afraid to start a new proje

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    Useful rules written in a mostly funny and entertaining wayEgCommentary If you're looking for a new colourway for your latest project there are lots of very useful resources out there in print and online where thousands of different colour combinations or schemes can be referenced and compared However t

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    I really thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it from cover to cover I am a beginner and hence many of the concept were novel to me and beg further research all the reason to return to the book when I am a bit wiser and nod my head in understanding and agreement Still as it is it will allow one to make less

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    I have skimmed through the whole book and plan on going through again with a fine tooth comb soon I hope this isn't premature but I'm calling this my Graphic Design Bible as I get deeper into the world of Graphic Design I don't know how it holds up for seasoned graphic designers perhaps it's all basics to them? But I

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    Another guide to Graphic Design; my latest interest Useful to a beginner but overall definitely one for an actual designer rather than the innocent by stander I happen to be Lots of great ideas but many of them especially in the typography section are too detailed for me But that's a failing of me rather than the book itsel

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