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An Instance of the Fingerpost An ingenious tour de force an utterly compelling historical mystery with a plot that twists and turns and keeps the reader guessing until the very last pageWe are in England in the 1660s Charles II has been restored to the throne following years of civil war and Cromwell's short lived republic Oxford is the intellectual seat of the country a place of great scientific religious and political ferment A fellow of New College is found dead in suspicious circumstances A young woman is accused of his murder We hear the story of the death from four witnesses an Italian physician intent on claiming credit for the invention of blood transfusion; the son of an alleged Royalist traitor; a master cryptographer who has worked for both Cromwell and the king; and a renowned Oxford antiuarian Each tells his own version of what happened Only one reveals the extraordinary truthWith rights sold for record breaking sums around the world An Instance of the Fingerpost is destined to become a major international publishing event Deserving of comparison to the works of John Fowles and Umberto Eco Iain Pears's novel is an ingenious tour de force an utterly compelling historical mystery with a plot that twists and turns and keeps the reader guessing until the very last page

About the Author: Iain Pears

Iain Pears is an English art historian novelist and journalist He was educated at Warwick School Warwick Wadham College and Wolfson College Oxford Before writing he worked as a reporter for the BBC Channel 4 UK and ZDF Germany and correspondent for Reuters from 1982 to 1990 in Italy France UK and US In 1987 he became a Getty Fellow in the Arts and Humanities at Yale University His

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    ”When in a Search of any Nature the Understanding stands suspended then Instances of the Fingerpost shew the true and inviolable Way in which the uestion is to be decided These Instances afford great Light so that the Course of the Investigation will sometimes be terminated by them Sometimes indeed these Instances are found amongst that Evidence already set down” Francis Bacon Novum Organum Scientarum Section XXXV

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    Still one of the best books I've ever read this has something for everyone It's a mystery it's history it's science it's drama it's amazing It's really long too but that just makes it better by the time you finish it you'll be sorry it wasn't longer

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    There is a murder and there is a dispossessed heir Frankly I couldn’t give a stuff if some shouldabeen rich young sprog got hornswoggled in the 17th century I mean the goodly realm of Great Britain had just been through 20 years of civil war and there was an awful lot of horns swoggled of that you can be sure I’d say horns were swoggled than not swoggled Vast estates yanked from under the noses of their rightful heirs

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    What sticks in my mind about this book is being consumed with fury for 14th of it and then having the following conclusion be the greatest revenge A really excellent novel with some very unreliable narrators and detailed characterization I was amazed at how everything fit together by the end

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    A novel novel please pardon the attempted humor where unreliable narrators outnumber purported reliability by a long shot Once again my happiness at not living in the 17th century is validated as I read of the physical sualor the political and religious unrest and distrust in England after the restoration of Charles II the relative worthlessness of the average person's life Amidst that there is the glimmer of new knowledge and

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    Iain Pears is a Coventry born and Oxford educated art historian and author of historical mysteries and An Instance of the Fingerpost is his most famous novel Good historians are not necessarily good authors and good authors are not necessarily good historians but in Fingerpost Pears manages to strike a comfortable balance between both professions An Instance of the Fingerpost is a long but involving book which pays great attenti

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    This is one of the few books that I felt compelled to start immediately again from page one after reaching the end even though it has close to 700 pagesThe story of this thriller is retold in succession by four different people One of them lies and not until the very end does the reader know who is falsifying the story And that is why I wanted to read it again to pay attention to the structure and to how the story is woven by diff

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    Edit Jan 2018 Added the right version of the audio bookOne murderOne young woman Sarah Blundy suspected to be the murderer and already found guilty by almost everyone before her trial startsFour men of different backgrounds who recount the events that led to the murder and beyondOne of them is lyingUp until now I’ve always considered The Name of the Rose as the best historical fiction I ever read I’m omitting the word ‘mystery

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    well I guess it's sort of readI mean I read as damn much as I could which was roughly 13 it was going nowhere and honestly I didn't find it compelling enough to move much further there's a sort of mystery I couldn't really get into and there's regular and at the end of the book carefully cited appearances by british scientists and philosophers of the period but there was nothing that actually made me want to pay attention I didn't car

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    An extremely engaging historical novel set in 1660s Oxford with a side trip to London Told from four viewpoints of varying reliability this murder mystery gets gradually revealed as the story unfolds The murder itself is conseuential only in that it serves as a device to tie the main characters together Mystery fans may wish to know if the novel sets out clues leading to whodunnit but I can't help here as I did not try to solve it This

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