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Her Good Thing Danetta Harris is concentrating on getting married and starting a family She is going to toss aside the love for her partner she has harbored for ten years to find something real Someone to return love to herMarshall Windham is every woman's fantasy even that of our Danetta He has finally accepted single life is not the lifeHe begins to see Danetta as the woman he wants Marshall wants to make Danetta than his business partners but is he too late This book is chock full of contemporary collouial Afro American jargon the sort that will become incomprehensible and obsolete in a decade The dialogue and writing is also oddly flat in some places with characters repeating inner thoughts and loading their actions with a deadening emphasis In one case where a man finds a woman has slashed his tires the author resorts to wild gesticulation to indicate emotional distress As they reached their cars in the parking lot both Marshall and Kevin stood there for a moment looking as if their favorite dog had just been run over while they stood and watched it happen Then as if Marshall’s head exploded he began jumping up and down as he ran around his SUV “She flattened three of my tires Didn’t I tell you That woman is ten kinds of crazy”“Dawg naw” Kevin put his hands over his mouth and kept staring at the destruction before himMarshall flailed his arms back and forth “What am I supposed to do now”“This ain’t happy and satisfied man” Kevin shook his head “It’s time for you to say something”Lowering his head as if lowering his pride Marshall asked “Can you give me a ride to the police station”This is not the writing of an accomplished author This is the work of a 15 year old girl scribbling in her diary All that’s missing are multiple exclamation marks Marshall’s reformation is unconvincing too He’s spent all these years shunning Danetta as a sex partner and now we’re supposed to think he’s in love because she starts putting on makeup and wearing sexy clothes I thought that cliché—wherein the male protagonist suddenly notices the “plain” girl when she takes off her glasses—went out of style with old movies His observations about crazy women aren’t amusing If you keep on tossing aside women like used tissue paper sooner or later you’re going to find a woman who’s simply not going to roll over and take it She’ll go on the offensive and when she does it will involve blunt objects and sharp edgesThe proselytizing about God doesn’t appeal either Danetta has every right to be aggrieved with what she considers to be the rotten behavior of an invisible deity and rejecting her faith after her mother dies Her aunt’s contention that God placed her in the hospital to restore Danetta’s faith is backwards thinking and baffling besides Surely that’s the kind of behavior that would cement anyone’s hatred of such a cruel divinity But Danetta undergoes a reversal of faith and all’s right with her world again It’s not something to which I can give any credence and the latter end of the novel nearly collapses under the weight of this spiritual chatter Thank goodness it’s dispensed with in favor of the reuisite happy ending Her Good Thing turns out to be not so good This novel fails to satisfy either with its limp romance or its mystical content Perhaps the romances of Danetta’s friends Ryla and Jaylen will prove agreeable As a partner in a successful Houston ad agency Danetta Harris can check one thing off her list of things to accomplish before she's thirty Now she can concentrate on getting married and starting a family In spite of being burned before Danetta's now ready to risk her heart again and forget about the man she's secretly loved for ten years Fed up with pining for him Danetta decides to do whatever it takes to find her Mr Right right nowCaring charismatic and sinfully sexy Marshall Windham is every woman's fantasy But after years as a major player Marshall's had his fill of the single life He realizes that the perfect woman has been in his life all along—and it's Danetta Unaware of Danetta's get love now plan Marshall unveils a can't resist proposal of his own Will Marshall be able to win Danetta and convince her that they should be partners not only in business but also in love Great author I didn't like this book as it's typically pro afro American and hard to accept when you're from Europe like me but with lots of defaults the characters especially Marshall are annoying they are educated and wealthy but talk like some poor teenagers cliché they like blues disco they are superficial and too obsess with only other black people They talk to much about God and I don't share the same beliefs as it don't affect my life or choices like it do to them I don't know if it really how it is in the United State but for me a French woman it was weird I didn't relate to any of them and had the feeling I was coming from a different planet I would so hate that my family or friends act like them and were a little racist We're multi racial and like it that way Moreover I didn't like their story Danetta is stupid and Marshall a jerk There is no depth to the plot there are many length and I didn't feel any chemistry between themI got bored all along and regret the time I lost with it I won't read the next books of this series as I think I'm not the right audience I'm not American bigot or religious enough I enjoyed this short and sweet book Although this wasn't the usual hot and steamy romance it had great build up I was at times furious with Marshall with all his delusions and confusion Why in the world did it take 10 years makeup a haircut and some body hugging clothes to get him to open up his eyes and heart And Danettaoh Danetta loving a man for 10 years and idly watching him date every woman under the sun and staying mute but heartbroken ughIt happens that I liked the secondary characters better than the main Danetta's two friends and Marshall's friend Kevin were funny and interesting I wanted to know about Noel showing up at the wedding Oh and we can't leave out Aunt Sarah Her antics were spot onI did however have some issues with the story A couple of things I found to be uite unbelievable 1 A woman who slaps a man for sleeping with her and never calling afterwards sees him again goes to his house to talk heal wounds and be friendsunlikely 2A woman stalker who slashes tires and breaks things goes to stalk but after being told in front of others she just isn't wanted uietly walks away to never stalk againtoo easy3Some of the dialogue was so cheesy I couldn't imagine the characters saying them let alone anyone else This book tell about a love that one party is afraid to acknowledged and opted for friendship instead just as what Marshall did Danetta has been in love with Marshall for as long as she remember and doesnt seem be able to get out of it eventhough Marshall has told her that all they will have is only friendship between them On the other hand Marshall seems to be a player with each relationship with other women lasted pretty fast Things started to change when Danetta decided that she need to move on and moved on she did She changed her appearance and guys seem to appear in front of her and this make things uneasy for Marshall This is the classic love story where the guy seems to be ignorant of the lady and only when other guy started to pay attention to her he really what he have miss I love both the characters very much and overall it was an enjoyable read for me Not the BEST I've ever readand not the WORSE I've ever readthis is the first book I've read by Ms Millershe gives a thoroughly detailed back storya SWEET and romantic conclusionand I'm definitely INTRIGUED by Ryla's upcoming DRAMAso I'll probably read the second book in her For Your Love serieshowever it didn't TOTALLY work for mecan't uite put my finger on it of a MISS than a HIToverall it's just a TEENSY BIT better than OKjust MHO Theres some slut shaming going on and I dont like that Danetta was pretty much sitting around not dating anyone while pining for Marshall while he was living his best life It seems like they finally come together because it all catches up to him WonderfulI love that I could enjoy a steamy and passionate yet clean romance novel I was so elated and overjoyed Overall awesome book

About the Author: Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller of Dayton Ohio is a best selling author playwright and motivational speaker Her stage productions include Get You Some Business Don’t Turn Your Back on God and Can’t You Hear Them Crying Vanessa is currently in the process of turning the novels in the Rain Series into stage productionsVanessa has been writing since she was a young child When she wasn’t writing poetry sho

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