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Light without Fire The story of America’s first Muslim institution of higher education Zaytuna College   In the fall of 2010 anti Muslim furor in the United States reached a breaking point capping a decade in which such sentiment had surged Loud angry crowds gathered near New York’s Ground Zero to protest plans to build an Islamic cultural center while a small time Florida minister appeared on national television almost nightly promising to celebrate the anniversary of 911 with the burning of Korans At the same time fifteen devout Muslims uietly gathered in a basement in Berkeley California to execute a plan that had been coming together for over a decade to found Zaytuna College “Where Islam Meets America” It would be the nation’s first four year Muslim liberal arts college its mission to establish a thoroughly American academically rigorous and traditional indigenous Islam   In Light without Fire Scott Korb tells the story of the school’s founders Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir arguably the two most influential leaders in American Islam “rock stars” who tellingly are little known outside their community Korb also introduces us to Zaytuna’s students young American Muslims of all stripes who admire—indeed love—their teachers in ways college students typically don’t and whose stories told for the first time signal the future of Islam in this country   From a heady theology classroom to a vibrant storefront mosue from the run down streets Oakland to grand ballrooms echoing with America’s most powerful Muslim voices Korb follows Zaytuna’s students and teachers as they find their place and their voice He ultimately creates an intimate portrait of the school and provides a new introduction to Islam as it is being lived and re envisioned in America It’s no exaggeration to say that here at Zaytuna are tomorrow’s Muslim leaders 

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    Some books call out to you to share them with others Recently I read Scott Korb’s book Light Without Fire about the first year at Zaytuna College America’s first Muslim liberal arts college and while reading it and since completing it I can’t stop talking about it with othersThere are so many things to appreciate and admire about this book To begin it is rare to encounter an author who is able to talk about IslamMuslims

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    In Light without Fire The Making of America's First Muslim College by Scott Korb we get a very compassionate empathetic alternating uestioning vs cheerleading take on the development of Zaytuna College in the San Francisco Bay Area Korb receives inside access from the college's leadership to follow them and students around during the college's development During this time Korb clearly develops at attachment to both people and

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    it's a good read if you want to be introduced to what the muslim american experience is like and how muslim american education could look like but this book leaves much to be desired when it comes to the depth of its reflections

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