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Everybody Matters One of the most inspiring women of our age Mary Robinson has spent her life in pursuit of a fairer world becoming a powerful and influential voice for human rights around the globe Displaying a gift for storytelling and remembrance Robinson reveals in Everybody Matters what lies behind the vision strength and determination that made her path to prominence as compelling as any of her achievementsBorn in 1944 into a deeply Catholic family the only girl among five childrenshe was poised to become a nun before finding her own true voiceEver since she has challenged convention in pursuit of fairness whether in the Church in government and politics or in her own familyAs an activist lawyer she won landmark cases advancing the causes of women and marginalized people against the prejudices of the day and in her twenty years in the Irish Senate she promoted progressive legislation including the legalizing of contraception She shocked the political system by winning election as Irelands first woman president in l990 redefining the role and putting Ireland firmly on the international stage Her role as UN high commissioner for human rights beginning in 1997 was to prove an even bigger challenge; she won acclaim for bringing attention to victims worldwide but was often frustrated both by the bureaucracy and by the willingness to compromise on principle which reveal the deep and inherent barriers to changing the status uo Now back in Ireland and heading her Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice she has found the independence she needs to work effectively on behalf of the millions of poor around the world most affected by climate changeTold with the same calm conviction and modest pride that has guided her life Everybody Matters will inspire anyone who reads it with the belief that each of us can in our own way help to change the world for the better It isn't often I read biographies of people that I know little about but I picked this up as it was recommended by Zoƫ Roth in her book People StuffI knew little of Mary Robinson other than that she was President of Ireland The book charts her life and work that lead her to that role and I enjoyed learning about what drove her and inspired her along that pathI enjoyed the post Presidency elements Learning about the challenges in her UN High Commissioner of Human Rights work dedication to women's rights work and later transition to climate advocacy The natural connections of each cause to the next was fascinating and well writtenI feel I've learned a lot about an extraordinary woman and gained good insights into the diplomatic challenges of making progress on critical global issues Rather like the woman herself this book is estimable intelligent lucid It charts a life of personal achievement moral courage and empathy as you might have gathered I'm something of a fan I suspect that her account of her term as President of Ireland might prove a little too discreet for many Irish readers no dirt is dished or not much It would have been interesting for example to have had a little flavour of the atmosphere behind that famous inauguration photo where she sits surrounded by a dozen men in late middle age each of whom bar FitzGerald seems to have been sucking on the same lemon That said the book comes into its own when she recounts her extraordinary experiences as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights From Sierra Leone to Chechnya to Darfur her account of her experiences dilemnas agonies in this role is fascinating Whilst the book is of obvious interest to Irish readers mna na hEireann or not it also has a huge amount to offer to anyone interested in world politics and issues of justice and euality Highly recommended This is an essential read for anyone who is interested in the social changes that have occurred in Ireland from the 1980's to now Robinson became aware of human rights very early in her life as a school girl in Mayo She comes across as a truly compassionate person and not at all egotistical despite her accomplishments Her descriptions of the United Nations gave me insight into how contentious things get in this in this institution However I don't want to go off on a tangent and take the focus of this remarkable woman and her story Its only a few times in my reading life I have felt how humanity can achieve greatness with integrity Once with An evil Cradling by Brian Keenan and now with this Fantastic and inspiring Also a wonderful history of the changing face of Ireland from the 60's onwards A deeply moving novel of honesty and courage in the tough world of bureaucrats and dictators with many faces Thank you Mary for sharing your story Top top book

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