Tutoring Writing A Practical Guide for Conferences Epub

Tutoring Writing A Practical Guide for Conferences When Don McAndrew and Tom Reigstad wrote Training Tutors for Writing Conferences they provided such uniue insight into the principles and practices of tutoring that the book was awarded Best Publication by the National Writing Centers Association Now than a decade later the authors have expanded and updated their classic monograph to make it even useful and reflect new developments in research and theory No other book is uite so comprehensive In addition to providing a thorough review of theory and research Tutoring Writing offers a rich toolbox of tutoring tips includingpractical guidelines for tutoring writers who are at various stages of the composing process including predraftconcrete advice on how to tutor writers in specific settingssuggestions on how to tutor writers who present special challenges and represent diverse populationstime tested tutoring models that have been developed by world renowned educatorsrecommendations for conducting tutorials electronically including online fax and phonea syllabus for using the book to teach a writing tutor training course Tutoring Writing will appeal to anyone who uses writing as a tool for learning especially in tutor training courses undergraduate and graduate level writing courses and teaching assistant preparation courses There is a lot of good stuff here for new and beginning tutors really breaking down the processes and priorities involved and offering a lot of good advice and suggestions I really gained from some of the techniues suggested as I had not heard of all of them before Unfortunately the book could have been made to be a lot shorter without losing anything of uality as there is a lot of harping on about things already made uite clear There is also a fair bit of out of date content superfluous examples and content most would find uninteresting So it really is rather hit and miss I'd recommend it but only if you as the reader skip around to what you need and leave the rest behind good general advice a bit to specific in its labeling for me A little obvious but if you've never tutored it's a good place to start

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