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Date with the Devil All they had were each other and their survival instinctsWhen The Devil’s Triangle swallows a tour boat Sterling Jakes an ex special forces commando grabs his nearest shipmateIt is Diedre Forsythe a shy librarian raised on opera and caviar who awakens on a deserted island in the arms of a savage strangerBut it is the stranger within herself that Diedre must come to terms with—the woman who thrills to a dangerous man’s touch as she and Sterling discover the depth of their primal connection when the trappings of civilization are stripped away

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    My first book by Olivia RupprechtMallory Rush and I was completely blown away like those poor ships in the Bermuda triangleThere are alpha macho heroes and then there is Sterling He might raise some eyebrows with his me mighty Tarzan you little Jane act but I was totally blown away by his uber dominant albeit crass tude Of course it’s only attractive when it comes packaged with his amazingly caring protective and thoughtful tendencies otherwise it would simply be nea

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    Date With the Devil was a strange but interesting story about a man and woman who are stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle for a few months The story tells how they survive and fall in love with each other They become primitive he keeps calling her his mate Some parts were pretty strange But the best part the hero was a NINJA Hilarious The heroine was naive and sheltered but gets stronger on the island She actually gets really scared that it won't fit Oh my If you

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    Pretty old fashioned book which won't work for the majority The hero is uite a caveman while the heroine is the shy hiding sort The hero is kind of an over sexed animal P

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    Diedre Forsythe wins a trip to the Bahamas She takes a day cruise site see around the surrounding area and a surprise storm capsizes the boat After hitting the water she blacks out and wakes up to find herself in the arms of a strange man lying on a bed of palm fronds She recognizes the man from the boat as Sterling Jakes a fellow passenger Don’t you just love the name Sterling Jakes? It’s about as silly as the rest of the book He was able to save himself and her by swimming to

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    I received this one for free on my kindle It had uite a few good reviews so I decided what the heck It was painful to get through It was girl and boy stranded on an island Might not be able to get off Oh I am big man let's mate Okay I am meek little woman but I will hold you off for a little bit for a showI big man will overpower youNo no okay your sexyWe're rescued Yeah Oh wait you have a fiance how could you you beastly manCry cry cry refuse to answer calls read lettersBig man shows

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    This was a very enjoyable old Loveswept title It was a four star read all the way up until the end where it just fizzled out for me I loved the shipwreck and survival in the Bermuda triangle part of the story but when everything was resolved so uickly in the end I was uite disappointed

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    It was difficult to rate this because it was just whack a doodle in many parts but at the same time unbelievably entertaining It was like the TV show Lost in the Bermuda Triangle with Bear Grylls and some dubious animal noises from the H and h I couldn't help but enjoy this entertaining story of 2 people who are strangers but end up shipwrecked after a mysterious accident on a day cruise The H grabs the h as she is the nearest person to him and as he is literally a ninjafrogmangreen beret he t

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    1st Reread completed between June 30th and July 17th on Kindle Text to SpeechI read this years ago in the print version from Loveswept and I still have this copy This was one of my favorites and it's an excellent example of the strandedmaroonedsurvival romance themeSterling and Deidre are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle Sterling saves Deidre's life by towing her on the shore and giving her mouth to mouth Sterling is a rough and ready ex soldier who is experience

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    Hero 610Heroine 510Sizzle 710Romance 410Humor 010Secondary Characters 110End 310Pace 61035 starsI was pretty impressed with this book It had action adventure romance a touch of horror I loved that The writing was pretty good too although there was some serious typos and grammar problems Not a lot but the ones that were there were doozies As the story progressed I did find myself getting bored with some of the useless scenes in the middle But the end picked back upThe characters were hit and miss for m

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    As a free book on the story was not bad It kept me entertained enough to finish it in one night Was it necessary for the hero to be a ninja? It really did not add enough to the plot He would have had the survival skills by being an ex Green Beret I felt the same with the ghost ship The hero should have known it was a bad idea to begin withWith that said it wasn't a horrible book I loved the animal attraction the hero felt for the heroine I didn't even noticed how outdated it was originally written in the

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