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The Accidental Conductor The Accidental Conductor is about the story of a self made musician The Young Artist Award recipient of 2006 started out his music career without any formal training until he reached 30 years of age Although he majored in Physics his passion for music drove him to take chances with each little opportunity that came his way He was perhaps the only conductor whose choirs have twice won the highest national accolade of Best Choir of the Year without him having a single piano lesson in his life This book tells of how he grew up in a conservative average family took a uniue path to his tertiary education and eventually became a full fledged musician in the choral world although it was a slight deviation from his childhood dream of becoming an opera singer

About the Author: Toh Ban Sheng

Toh Ban Sheng was born in Kuala Lumpur and has become a prominent choral conductor in Singapore Starting out essentially as a self taught musician the former Physics teacher completed double master degrees in music from the USA with the assistance of National Arts Council BursaryA recipient of the Young Artist Award Conductor’s Prizes and Repertoire Prize he has led his choirs to garner 25 go

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    This started off interesting enough but began to read like a vanity project

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