Double Crossing Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super

Double Crossing Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery #1 Nancy Drew is enjoying a luxury cruise aboard the ship where her friend George is the new social director It seems like great fun until Nancy overhears a plan to sell CIA secrets to another country Meanwhile the Hardy Boys are working undercover on the same cruise ship trying to track down a dangerous group of thieves who prey on rich passengers

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    Nancy Drew The Hardy Boys But mostly Nancy Drew It really is mostly Nancy's story with the occasional visit from Frank and Joe who are concerned with their own side mystery for most of the story Nancy is trying to enjoy a little vacation with her buddy on a cruise ship but suddenly your typical American CIA ki

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    #1 on my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery re read of 2012CHECKLISTA compelling and interesting mystery √Joe flirting with all the females √Surprising twists √Nancy trying to ignore her attraction toward Frank due to the fact they are both seeing other people but still lusting after him anyways √George ge

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    A uickie ReviewWhen you combine the two or technically three best known literary mystery solvers of the past century or so you'd expect a rather convoluted mysteryand that's what you get here The action and suspense from the Nancy Drew files is ever present here and the story is definitely a page turner While rather dated most

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    this is an insanely fascinating book if you're ah less than sober and your friends are trying to get you to play travel size scrabble i think in my nancy drew years i read maybe one of hers and of the hardy boys none of which i could recall details from if you paid me to but were they always this ridiculous? i mean the CIA has been try

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    As a young girl I loved to resd Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys series These books are the very ones that gave me a passion for reading I just never read all them But from time to time I find myself in the Library and just can't help myself I check one or two out the fond memories it always brings me back too is wonderful sitting under the old Pec

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    How do you rate nostalgia? I read most of this series as a preteenteen and absolutely loved them Now as I re read them in roughly numerical order I'm finding them reallycorny But I can see why I enjoyed them at that age and I can see how they shaped my future and current reading choices

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    I won't re rate this book because I ADORED it as a kid and I had a fun trip down memory lane rereading it But now I do want to reread them all and make a list of the most NancyFrank centric books because yes I still ship them

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    A decent mystery and a fun trip down memory lane

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    I'm uite ashamed that I didn't know the existence of this series but since I'm pretty sure this wasn't readily available in my country before I'm happy that I had the opportunity to read it nowAnyway Nancy Drew the Hardy Boys and George had great teamwork and even helped in each other's cases It seemed though that the characters would prompt the readers that they'll be solving a c

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    I don't have a rational reason for coming back to these again and againThis book like the rest of them has an easy feel to them The stakes however high they may be are always defeatable There is no nail biting action no moments when I'm sitting on the edge of my seatBut maybe that's why I love them so much It reminds me when I first started reading Nancy Drew and I would get so scared ever

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