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Something from the Nightside Actual rating: 2.5254896 stars 2.224896 stars My Nefarious Daughter Elena was kind enough to point out I had been overly generous with my original rating (must be the revoltingly disgusting Christmas Spirit getting to me), ergo I most obligingly lowered it and stuff.You’d think that Noir Urban Fantasy would = YUM, right? Wrong As scrumptious as this could and should have been, it wasn’t Why? Because:① It’s all clichéd as fish.I love Noir Fiction (and happen to think all things Dashiell Hammett are slightly hot, just so you know) and don’t usually mind the delightfully delightful tropes that plague the genre, since they kinda sorta come with the territory and stuff BUT As cheerfully openminded and nefariously resilient as I am, there’s only so much Ridiculously Ridiculous Stereotypes (RRS™) and Lame Noir Parody (LNP™) I can take Also, a private eye who has a “private eye” that allows him to find Anything Anytime Anywhere (AAA™) (view spoiler)[←yes, this is pathetically but totally intentional, thank you very much (hide spoiler)] After five years in London, John Taylor gets drawn back into the machinations of the Nightside when Joanna Barrett hires him to find her daughter The trail takes him all over the Nightside and nothing is ever as it first seemsI've had this on my bookcase for over a year and I finally gave it a read on vacation It's light and obviously the first in a long series but I dig it just the same.The Nightside is a pocket dimension that lies in part of London populated will all kinds of nasties John Taylor has a vaguely described gift that lets him find lost things Pretty cool I like that Taylor is far from being a superhero and actually not very brave The supporting characters are good, not cardboard like many secondary characters in books of this type Razor Eddie stands out in particular, as do the Harrowing.Easter eggs about The one that really stands out is a cameo by Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius.Not a bad read Fans of the Dresden Files and Glen Cook's Garrett books will enjoy it. Very good, I really liked the characters and the world Similar feel to Dresden Files Will buy ! This book came highly, highly recommended to me, by the same friend who bought me my first Dresden and Belgariad books Never before have I doubted her judgement This book was the worst example of telling, not showing, I've ever read There was a lot of dialogue that was only there to talk about the Nightside You leave the book knowing what kind of person John Taylor is It's not from experiencing him as a character, but from him telling you all about himself To illustrate this point, the phrase in the Nightside appears 69 times, according to my count If I had just counted the Nightside, it would have been probably upwards of 200 The book had a humorous tone, but it didn't have any truly funny parts This lent the entire book a feeling of insincerity which stuck with me until about page 180 or so Anything can happen, here in the Nightside You can watch baby angels being aborted here in the Nightside All of your missing socks are here, in the Nightside In the Nightside, no one checks their blind spots No manufacturer coupons are doubled, in the Nightside Only shitty lager is poured in the Nightside Here in the Nightside, there is no Target, only Walmart. This is the first book in Green's Nightside series You can find anything in the Nightsideif it doesn't find you first John Taylor is not a private detective per se, but he has a knack for finding lost things That's why he's been hired to descend into the Nightside, an otherworldly realm in the center of London where fantasy and reality share renting space and the sun never shinesI love this series John Taylor is the relatively normal one (which isn't saying much) in a world filled with otherworldly creatures, where reality is everchanging and magic abounds There are so many bizarre characters, some you come to like, and some you definitely are wise to give a wide berth No matter the scope of mystery or impending apocalypse, Taylor finds himself not only in the middle of it, but usually the pivotal character who will determine who rules the Nightside And sooner or later, all roads lead to Goodfellows, the oldest bar in the universe Deeds are done, favors called in or owed, and in the end, NOBODY messes with John Taylor, though some have tried. If you like your urban fantasy/occult detective novel with a touch of the horrific, then The Nightside books are up your alley John Taylor is very enigmatic He has abilities He can find things, usually things that don't want to be found There are things that go bump in the night And most of them live in The Nightside It's a dark, scary place that is somewhere near London John Taylor is a wanted man in the Nightside, and has sworn not to go back You know about good intentions When a girl goes missing, he is asked to go there to help find her Strapped for cash, he can hardly turn down the exorbitant fee he is offered And John feels the need to help people (although he'd hardly own up to it) I became a fan of Simon R Green when I read this book He has a great sense of humor, on the wry side, often dark, but funny all the same Yet there is a core of goodness even in the muck and yuck of what happens in this place where it's always 3 am It's John Taylor He's all hardbitten exterior, but inside there is a hero hiding Taylor is an interesting protagonist He has quite a legacy that he is running from, and doesn't fully understand He doesn't know that much about his parents, except that his mother was/is a heavy hitter in the Nightside, and his father was fairly normal As the books unfold we find out just how powerful his mom is There is a prophecy that Taylor might bring about the end of the world if he succeeds in finding his longlost mother Taylor goes to the future long enough to see that it's not what any of us want, especially me (read the book and you'll find out why Poor Razor Eddie).This book is full of interesting and rather dark and scary, but often humorous at the same time secondary characters like Razor Eddie, Shotgun Suzie, the gunhappy, rather butch female friend and sometimes enemy of Taylor, and The Harrowing, very scary beings with no faces wearing suits and with hypodermic needles for hands, who are out for Taylor's blood, just to name a few There are some strange and unsettling things happening in the Nightside, and for that reason I would warn a reader Green tends to describe the violence in a very horrific way, but I feel the humor keeps the subjectlight I am a bit squeamish, and I love these books, so I think most interested readers could handle them So if you are willing to take a walk on the darkside, come on down to the Nightside John Taylor can tell youthan he cares to remember about this place. Something from the Nightside was just an okay read in my opinion Its starts off gooda detective with a gift for finding things takes on a case in which he must locate a rich lady's missing daughter All the woman knows is that her daughter is in the Nightside My biggest problem is I don't like the descriptions of the Nightside, it seemed like the author tried way to hard to make it seem weird I think it may have been creepier with subtle descriptions of the weirdness Here's an example, when describing the Nightside John says this, you can pay to see a fallen angel forever burning inside a pentacle drawn in baby's blood Or a decapitated goats head that can tell the future in enigmatic verses of perfect iambic pentameter There's a room where silence is caged and colours are forbidden, and another where a dead nun will show you her stigmata What!?I was really dissatisfied with the way the mystery was solved too I'll eventually read the next book because there is a part of the story that caught my interest. DNF at 47%With huge apology to my buddy read (Kate), I simply have to bail I can't continue a book where all I want is gritting my teeth in annoyance when I read itStrike One: Alien Abductees ALIEN ABDUCTEES Look I don't know, if it's the true plot or not, but when I read this line, I have to stop I might enjoying The XFiles back in 1990s but definitely not almost two decades later Alien is so last decade I'm truly sorry, but anything with alien abductees thingy is not my thing.Strike Two: Our hero, John, is supposed to be wellknown in the Nightside and his name scared some people's too But when his first reaction to his greatest enemy is shaking in fear, and cannot really do anything except being saved by someone else well, I lose my respect to him entirely Oh, and that first kiss with the damsel in distress? Again, ANNOYING Not when the damsel mistaken John for her savior when all John does is cowering in fear.Strike Three: All these words of in the Nightside/to the Nightside/the Nightside combination GAH!! So distracting and frickin' annoying Yes, yes, I know that the Nightside is scary and freaky, but darn telling me about it for gazillion times will not make me think it's scary Show me!!So maybe I will not know when the next book is better or not I decide NOT to find out Sorry John, you're not the hero I'd like to readabout John Taylor is not a private detective per se, but he has a knack for finding lost things That's why he's been hired to descend into the Nightside, an otherworldly realm in the center of London where fantasy and reality share renting space and the sun never shines [Reading] ➿ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➶ Paul W. Zitzewitz – but he has a knack for finding lost things That's why he's been hired to descend into the Nightside ❁ [EPUB] ✹ The Beautiful Disruption By G.G. Renee Hill ➚ – an otherworldly realm in the center of London where fantasy and reality share renting space and the sun never shines 2 Stars(P: Poor)I didn’t expect this little book last this long, but I lost interest in it now I just finished it because I wanted to get over it I think I don’t like when Horror is the most part of the book without enough element of fantasy (in this case it was very few!) or the sweet excitements of the adventure which caused by something magical, because the world turned dull when I got used to it.HorrorDarkSupernaturalDetectiveHumour (which became less less through the book)You shouldn’t read this at night!🔽 But too much descriptions scenes without any dialogue made me bored (It was disgusting sometimes) or the total opposite, the nonstop talking to explain who this new guy was.🔽 I didn’t like the world.🔼 I liked John Taylor Joanna.🔼 some inspirational quotes🔼🔽 It had a good satisfying ending, but not that much for me to continue with the series (though the chapter title was kind of a spoiler)Bye bye Nightside!

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