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Cary Grant A Biography At long last comes the first full length definitive biography of one of Hollywood's most enduring and fascinating luminaries containing never before published materials on the actor's private life Newly discovered details reveal everything from his troubled childhood to his ambiguous sexuality to his experimenting with LSD Includes a 16 page photo insert 1 40005 026 X2595 Random House

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    As a long time Cary Grant fan I am perhaps biased to enjoy anything related to the actor This being said I approached Marc Eliot's biography with great excitement and hope and was left with my feelings drastically dashed to bits upon the floorEliot's biography of Grant is very narrow minded gossipy and tediously obsessed with the details of Grant's supposed bisexuality Although the acto

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    It's a well written book I shouldn't only give it three stars but I just wasn't very focused on it Archie Leach didn't change his name to Cary Grant until 1932 when he was 27 or 8 He wasn't an unlikable man but he was very reserved

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    Marvelous Book on Marvelous ActorAn in depth look at this great actor Eliot examines Grant Archie Leach from his early years right thru to his death in Iowa while touring at the age of 82 Grant started in vaudeville in Bristol England and his company came to the US to perform on Broadway in the early '20's After that Grant essentially made the rest of his career in the US Hollywood Eliot di

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    Biographers have to be many things; first and foremost is of course a writer but also a journalist a storyteller a scientist They must wade through all the primary and secondary sources testing for veracity and reliability uestioning motivations determining relevance A great many facts accumulate about an individual within their lifetime a biographer must determine which facts add up to the t

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    For some reason I have been on a Cary Grant bio binge It must have been that dratted NORTH BY NORTHWEST movie which I saw on the big screen this year along with a sold out crowd Or perhaps it was BRINGING UP BABYalso seen on the big screen and with an SRO crowd Grant appears to be the only movie star past or present who can actually fill a movie theatre on his name alone Even though he's been d

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    The best thing about this book is the cover The problem is the author's approach to the book and the subject It is confused and confusing The areas that I had the biggest problems with are Grant's sexuality Grant's pursuit for an Oscar and his role as a spyGrant's sexuality has been the subject of much ink and unless there are love letters or diaries out there I am not sure the subject will ever

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    I can't remember which was the first movie I watched that starred Cary Grant but I feel like I have always loved him He was one of those lucky actors who became attractive as he aged But throughout his personal life he openly struggled against his own persona of Cary Grant He wanted to freely make his own choices one of which being his desire to live with a man in a partnership that resembled marr

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    An extensive account of the life and legend that is Cary Grant Having grown up with his movies as one of the many Saturday afternoon movies played by my father I was charmed by Grant This biography delves deep into the life emotions and psychology of one of Hollywood's most longstanding and interesting leading men

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    While I am a fan of Cary Grant it’s really the four Hitchcocks Charade and maybe two others that I really love I thought this would be fascinating because of what I heard about his bisexuality and LSD use for openers This did not disappoint It’s always a marathon reading about an entire life but it’s rewarding when it’s this well written While the author’s other work is excellent this is mast

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    When I made the decision to look into some biographies of Cary Grant an actor I've loved for a couple of years this was the first biography to come up and without a second thought I made up my mind to read it Some of you are probably wondering if I liked the actor so much then why would I rate one of his biographies so low Well that all has to do with the author of this biography Marc Eliot a man who I t

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