Cat Confidential The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read

Cat Confidential The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read For the owners of America’s 70 million domesticated kitties the definitive book on feline psychology Renowned cat counselor Vicky Halls has dedicated her career to helping hundreds of cat owners to better understand their pets Why do some cats soil in the house behave aggressively or pull out their own fur In this her first book Halls answers these uestions and covers a broad range of other issues including o The pitfalls of a multi cat household and how to avoid them o How to live with—and calm—a Scaredy Cat o The destructive results of idle paws and how to put an end to feline vandalism o Bizarre and embarrassing habits and what they mean o How to tell if your cat’s problems mirror your own Filled with fascinating case studies both professional and personal amusing anecdotes and practical advice Cat Confidential explores the hidden relationships between cats and people and reveals the innermost secrets of the feline psyche Practical and illuminating this is a must read for any cat lover who ever wished Kitty could speak

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    Vicky Halls is a veterinary nurse who currently works in Canterbury Kent United Kingdom as a “cat behaviour consellor” that UK bit is important because there are some fundamental differences in UK thinking on what is best for our little feline friends and US thinking Being a cat behavior consellor apparently means that she earns her living by visiting people in th

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    Interesting read if you have cats Its of a pick up and read a chapter than a sit down read because it is uite detailed about various problems The book addresses various issues through stories of her clients who called her in due to difficulties with their cats The main problem I had with this is that these people all seemed obsessed with their cats and the advice to b

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    This was a cute and delightfully British book that had some good information in it Since it contains some hard to find information eg about cat masturbation and the standard info doesn't contradict anything else I've learned in school I think this will be my go to cat manual from now on

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    I bought this book back in 2009 2010 along with 3 other books by Vicky Halls when I got my first cat There was a bookmark stuffed in its pages so I decided to pick it back up and read it cover to cover I firmly believe that one should educate themselves as much as possible when committing to care for a dependent species particularly one that won’t ever speak the same v

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    As an ardent cat lover and proud mum of two cats with uite a heavy history I try to learn as much as I can to make their lives as comfortable as possible Cat confidential has provided some big eye openers not simply for my situation now but importantly also towards my future that's going to be filled with even cats The most shocking aspect about cat life that I have lea

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend itBook consist of interesting stories which lead us through various cat behaviors and issues connected with them Advice is also there it's just that it becomes secondary main goal of the stories is to understand and explain behaviour causes reason Sometimes solutions aren't of happy end type but were log

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    With the recent addition of a cat to the household I have been devouring a lot of cat related content Cat Confidential is written by a cat counsellor and talks about different aspects of cat behaviour especially the troubling kind through the various cases that she has had The stories were very cut even if a few were a touch disturbing at times and the anecdotes really help

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    This was a very informative book that could be used as a help guide or read purely for pleasure assuming the reader is a cat lover There was a great deal of practical advice and guidance related to specific problem areas and stages to in a cats life I particularly enjoyed all the case studies and anecdotes about the writers own cats

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    Brilliant book this taught me a lot of things I didn't know about cats Funny moving and very useful a must read for cat lovers and owners

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    Informative but I bet things are a bit different here than in England ;

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