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Living HomesIntegrated Design Construction The house of your dreams does not have to be expensive Living Homes takes you through the planning process to design an energy and resource efficient home that won't break the bank Then from the footings on up to the roof author Thomas J Elpel guides you through the nuts and bolts of slipform stone masonary tilt up stone walls log home construction building with straw bales terra tile floors concrete countertops windows and doors solar water systems masonry heaters framing plumbing greywater septic systems swamp filters painting and much

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    The guy has a few chapters at the beginning where his ideals get the better of his credibility but the rest was a lot of good information Also his writing style is pretty fair for this sort of conversationalinformational book

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    On recommendation from a like minded friend I read both of these topically related books Living homes and direct pointing to wealth I was somewhat disappointed in the fact that the book offers some good ideas but fails to be applicable to many contemporary situations The author leans heavily toward socialist inclination and seems steeped in ideals with some lack of practicality I had also exp

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    I found this title while researching masonry fireplaces The book tells you how to build your own for the cheapest possible price plus it gives a lot of advice on other aspects of building an energy efficient home all on a budget Very exciting

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