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The Little Green Goose Star wise this is probably of a 35 I like the book well enough but it isn't one that would jump out at me as a favorite However for families looking for fun yet sensitive stories about adoption where kids don't look like parents this might be just the thing I am pleased to post a review of one of the first books I've read in Spanish It was a bit of a stretch for me but I was able to read it without a dictionary thanks to the illustrations Ironically I believe this is a translation of a German bookThis is another in the genre of picture books for children in which animals are adopted by other species In this case a male goose is jealous of the hens who are able to lay eggs and have babies He adopts an egg that the barnyard dog found in the forest This book gets bonus points by featuring a single adoptive dad as well as for its lovely illustrations However it gets demerits for completely omitting birth parents from the story It manages to do so by casting the adoptee as either a dinosaur or a dragon I'm not sure which so presumably his parents are either extinct or imaginaryThe adoptee eventually gets teased by the chicks who say he's not a green goose and so the male goose can't be his mother Eventually the dinosaurdragon goes searching for his mother I suspect an English translation would describe him as searching for his real mother He ultimately decides that his mother is the one who feeds him puts him to bed and loves him in other words the male goose who adopted him He does have a revelation that his parent is a daddy not a mamaIn my view Mama by Jeanette Winter is an example of an adoption book that doesn't ignore the grief and loss involved in adoption Another interesting example is Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon This latter example might actually be better considered a foster care story since the baby bat who is cared for by a family of robins is eventually reunited with his bat mother The story is about a male goose who wants to be a dad but no one will give him an egg He asks everyone for an egg but they all deny him and make him upset He goes into the woods and finds a random egg and takes it It hatches and comes out green and scaled As the green animal gets older he goes to search for his real father who he doesn't find and realizes that his goose father loves him unconditionally even if they are different In 1999 North South books published this story with illustrations by Alan Marks Now it has been re released with new art This is the story of a goose who desperately wants to be a father When he approaches the hens and asks for eggs to hatch they refuse to give him any So he sadly heads to the woods where Daisy the dog points him to an egg she uncovered in her digging Mr Goose takes the egg home and sits on it Eventually it cracks open and out pops a green chick with scales Mr Goose was proud of his son and when he finally showed him to the others in the barnyard they were shocked The little green goose was told by some of the hens that he is not a proper goose because he is green and doesn’t have feathers or a beak Distraught little green goose heads out to find his real father But no animal is uite like him It isn’t until he is exhausted and hungry that he realizes that he knows just who will love him no matter whether he is a proper goose or notThis book is about families and how they are about love alone not about whether members look similar at all I particularly appreciated that it is MR Goose who wants a baby That’s a male role that we don’t see much in children’s picture books Sansone’s text is light and a pleasure to read aloud Her dialogue is interestingly written Her setting is well developed She has created a wonderful world in which a baby dinosaur can not only exist but thrive Faust’s illustrations are done in digital collage She has a knack for finding interesting visual textures that really create a feast for the eye The feathers on Mr Goose are particularly successful as are the grasses stones wood and leaves She has captured the freshness and patterns of nature and used them with great effect hereHighly recommended this story will appeal to many families and children Keep it on hand for any goose or farm story times where it will add another dimension and a bit of diversity Appropriate for ages 3 6 This is a sweet variation on the story of The Ugly Duckling The way in which the Goose adopts and loves the little green lizard is so heart warming This would be an excellent book to talk about how families can look different and be made up of different people The important thing is a family is unconditional love If the Ugly Duckling and Are You My Mother? had a baby it would be The Little Green Goose A delightful story about a Goose who dreams of being a father With the help of Daisy the dog he tends to a giant egg and hatches a sonA very sweet story Learning opportunities alternative families specifically related to single fathers and adopted children acceptance family bonding Good adoption theme book about a son who doesn't look like his father A male goose adopts an egg and raises his little green goose The baby goose is teased about not looking like his father so he goes looking for his real parent Good for starting an adoption discussion Very sweet lovely message about adoptivenon biological parents Very nice art both detailed and cleaneasy to follow Only complaint it seems like two separate stories merged together Otherwise totally recommended The message in this book is what makes it uniue This book helps expose children to a typical families It's an important topic because in today's world many families are untraditional It depicts that no matter the differences you can still be loved and love In this area it's common to see single mothers this book exposes children to single fathers and adoption The illustrations are simple but it matches the story perfectly Hans de Beer's beguiling bear romps through the year in illustrations taken from the books that have so endeared him to children around the world Lumbering lovable Lars the Little Polar Bear will delight adults and children alike The calendar is available in a large wall sized version as well as a smaller version that is just right for tight spaces

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