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AI Apocalypse Singularity #2 Leon Tsarev is a high school student set on getting into a great college program until his uncle a member of the Russian mob coerces him into developing a new computer virus for the mob’s botnet the slave army of computers they used to commit digital crimesThe evolutionary virus Leon creates based on biological principles is successful too successful All the world’s computers are infected Everything from cars to payment systems and of course computers and smart phones stop functioning and with them go essential functions including emergency services transportation and the food supply Billions may dieBut evolution never stops The virus continues to evolve developing intelligence communication and finally an entire civilization Some may be friendly to humans but others are notLeon and his companions must race against time and the military to find a way to either befriend or eliminate the virus race and restore the world’s computer infrastructure Man this book kept me going I loved the first book and decided okay I'm going to read the rest of this series and pray humans don't die out by the end and so I read this and guess what? I love this one too Now I will admit its realism was a bit off in some parts in terms of tech factoids but the overall skeleton of the story was just so captivatingGreat read it did what I want every book to do to me make me enter my own creative abyss and just ponder Overall 1 out of 5 starsBeing an aspiring writer myself makes these types of reviews very hard to do If I am also going to be The Critical Critic which I very much enjoy and like to be a gatekeeper of uality then I have no choiceI only read the first few chapters of AI Apocalypse and skimmed the rest because it was simply all I could take No matter how much William Hertling wanted to write a good story or had good ideas there is simply no way that he can look someone in the eye and said that he did his best writing this book There is minimal effort given in writing AI Apocalypse and it came through in the pages and dialogue Reading the first few chapters I said to my wife that it read like someone who just used technology terms but had no idea what they actually meant then I read on the back cover that William Hertling is a fifteen year veteran of the technology field and that islet's just say interestingIf you had to put AI Apocalypse into a genre it would be a technological thriller set in the not so distant United States A 17 yeard old smart kid develops a virus that infects the computers and things become a messCreativity 1 starAnyone heard of this idea before?Spelling and Grammar 3 starsNothing stood out but wasn't really lookingCharacters 1 starThe main character Leon is very smart and has aspirations of going to a great college Leon's family cannot afford college so he is doing his best to fulfill his dream and hunts after a scholarship from being so smart Almost immediately he completely risks all his dreams because an uncle that he has met once and lives in Russia emails him asking for help in committing a crime When the main character's completely violates his reported personality imagine how weak the rest of the characters are I am a rookie writer I know that but this mistake is a basic writing no noExecution Black hole that adsorbed all of the other starsThe whole of the writing sounds like someone simply making stuff up to try and sound cool or fool the people around them I have to go over some of themIt took 6 years to develop this cell phone if you spend six years developing something in today's technology how obsolete would it be when it came out? You can't spend six years developing anything anyThese teens spend time drooling over the resolution of this cellphone screen and this is set in the future It doesn't matter how high the resolution of the screen isWE CAN'T SEE IT The new ipad screen exceeds our visual capabilities We are at the limit now of not what technology can do but what we can see and anyone into graphics knows this and these kids would know this for sureThis is set in the future with crazy technology but the communication that changes everything was sent on email? to his phone? and the guy waiting for a response keeps clicking refresh to see if he got a response who clicks refresh any? and this is like 40 plus years in the future we are using email to send what a simple text message could?All of the cars have government mandated stopping devices to avoid collisions and the HOV lane cars are controlled by a central computer This is not fantasy this is our world in the near future so these things must have a logical basis The cars would all need to be retrofitted with this technology at a cost that would be impossible even if we started today with such a project it would take 15 20 years to accomplish and that's just for stopping now centrally controlled cars is a whole different problem This must be set a good 40 or years in the future but the military still has some 1960 70 jeeps running around?One character's father was in the military about 14 years ago in the story's timeline and she has his M16 they hardly use M16 now they won't be using them 30 years from nowThe electric car engines emit an electric whine noise but today's electric motors are silent thus the controversy over the subject with blind people not being able to hear them Did we suddenly lose technology and our electric engines got noisy?When downloading an email attachment from his uncle Leon note's the huge size of the file The files was nothing but text algorithms and notes By today's standard that files doesn't make a blip With today's technology an entire book is overestimated 2MB and my service can download at 9MBsec and that's slow compared to some so in 1 second I can presently download 45 books Leon certainly didn't even download that much and with future bandwidth and file that size would be literally nothingThis novel feels cheesy and a less than half hearted effort There is no effort to research technology military or anything at that matter The characters are weak and violate their own codes I do not recommend this book to anyone for any reasonMichael A Wood JrThe Critical Criticwwwcriticalcriticreviewscom AI Apocalypse is Mr Hertling's second book and a direct seuel to Avogadro Corp The plot starts when a Leon a gifted teenager inadvertently unleashes a virus that spawns an entire civilisation of AIs We are re acuainted with Mike Williams and the now rather cute loveable and just a little creepy ELOPe from Avogadro Corp I uite enjoyed the first half of the book where the author describes how the AIs evolve how their civilisation was organised and the fallout of all this happening The second half describes the interaction between the human and AI civilisations with ELOPe acting as an intermediary The story has some interesting ideas the military using massively multiplayer games to recruit soldiers the idea of trade replacing competition as the central organising principle of the AI civlisation and the use of evolutionary algorithms As in Avogadro Corp the writing in AI Apocalypse is uneven Instead of conversing the characters seem to be uoting from wikipedia I also found it hard to empathise with most of the main characters I am interested in AI neural networks and machine learning so this did not bother me but avoid this book if you are looking for sparkling dialogue Mr Hertling does throw in some bits which made me laugh out loud In one scene an AI states All your bases belong to us I guess Mr Hertling knows his target audienceI would give the book 35 stars I had no problem with how technical this book was Mainly because the technical verbiage did not really make a lot of sense So if you are able to move past the main plot point of the story the fact that the main character can create a virus that becomes self aware and the programming took about three days of rushed coding to complete then you are in for a really good pace of actionI am not going to fault Hertling much about that because I know that he is not writing a damn manual for software He is writing a fiction novel But at the same time there are some things within the story that really made me cringe Without spoiling the story the fact that we are dealing with an AI hey it's the title of the damn book that is acting as if it were human seems forced to move the story along than a natural evolution of its self awareness Also the military is once again reduced to a bunch of warmongering monkeys that act autonomously for some reason with the POTUS being reduced to a figure head who is completely out of her elementAgain I get it This book reads like a movie It is entertaining and it is an easy read on a boring summer weekend But treat it like any action flick out there and suspend your disbelief in order to have a good time

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