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Capable of Feeling I've read this twice with skimming Each time I see a review I forget I've read the book which is not a great signJust re read this and have to say that just once JUST ONCE view spoilerI wish when confronted with the other woman that the h would lay into her instead of falling into a twee weepy martyr complex No sweetheart go on without me Save yourself Option one tell her fine you can have the asshat I don't want him anyway He's cheap and he's bad in bed This would be said hopefully in front of the H but OW never sling arrows when the H is aroundAlternatively tell the OW No way in hell are you getting that man or his money He'll be stripped bare and drained dry before I let him out of this relationship honey You'll be lucky to share a hut on whatever Greek Italian or Spanish beach he came from Finally option three could beOkay let's go see him right now you and me I want to hear it from the horse's ass mouth before I pack up my secret baby and my especially chosen high society clothes hide spoiler Reduced from the original 4 stars to 3 because stupidity If you're familiar with astrology you may know that the planet Mercury occasionally goes into retrograde moves backward or naps which causes chaos over the areas it governs such as communications agreements and codes including computer codes Well Mercury must have been in retrograde during the events of the last 20 pages causing hero Jon—a computer expert caught up in a MOC agreement—to act like the poorest communicator to ever have communicated Or maybe in addition to getting crankier I also reread this while Mercury was in ahem retrograde Sighview spoilerDear JonYou've just arrived home to discover that your stalker has also arrived at your home to stalk Why else She's succeeded in visibly upsetting your new wife Sophy Wifey informs you that she is now aware of your future plans which don't include her and the children your niece and nephew So what do you do in response1 You don't ask for clarification on what Lillian aka Fatal Attraction Tart said but instead become pissed off at Wifey for wanting a divorce2 You then leave with FAT without any explanation and wait until that evening to call Even then you don't try very hard to explain the situation or to clarify Wifey's assumption that you are sleeping over at your friends' home with FAT in towYes you didn't want to burden Wifey with your problems and risk destroying your relationship because it was so fragile But by not clearing the air you risked your relationship anyway and also gave FAT the prime opportunity to physically harm your family Just sayingPlease it's not enough to look like a superhero Act like oneSincerelyA very cranky Penny Jordan and Superman fan hide spoiler Re Capable of Feeling PJ brings us a tale of hidden identities and sneaky motives with this one She has got an h who thinks she is frigid but is really a sex kitten waiting to be jump started and a sneaky Alpha H who is willing to don a beta nerdy disguise to get his girl The h in this one is the usual PJ type she is tall beautiful and doesn't know it and only wants to have children and a home but feels so inadeuate due to past trauma that she thinks it is impossible Her parents are horrors in the classic PJ tradition and she currently works as a mother hensecretary for the H who is the guardian of his orphaned niece and nephew The h's parents are the socially pretentious type and pretty much threw her at the local lothario bully boy when she was 19 The h had a massive crush on the LBB at the time She agreed to a physical relationship that was over after the first time when he berated her for her frigidity and humiliated and hurt her she recovered from the crush but not the damage The h has withdrawn from men ever since but she agreed to work for the absent minded computer genius H as he appears to have the sexual desires and potency of a rock The h is dining with her parents as the story starts and her useless and completely tactless mother is nattering about the h's former LBB coming over to dine as well the h is NOT down with thatLuckily for the h the H calls her up and asks her to come over and stay with the children His latest nanny insinuated herself into his bed and he kicked her out and he has to go off on a business trip The h enthusiastically agrees and flees her parent's home with her mother's harangue ringing in her ears She arrives at the H's and the children explain the nanny's nocturnal wanderings to her She is shocked cause the H is about as sexy as potato she can't imagine him with any woman he just doesn't have the predatory male air maybe it is a side effect of his glasses Then she notices how broad the H's shoulders are in his badly fitting clothes courtesy of all the Rugby and Rowing he did in college according to his nephew but she dismisses the thought as a side effect of the local heat wave The H has a proposition for the h that he wants to talk about and the h is shocked again when he says he needs to marryThe H then explains that the nanny incident has made him realize the children need a mother and he feels the h would fit that role admirably The h tells him she isn't cut out for marriage and the H explains that he travels so much in his computer engineering job that the children will have to go into care if she won't marry him The h tells him it will have to be a platonic marriage and the H agrees He arranges the wedding for right after he returns from his emergency business trip that will put it three days later The h agrees and she is happy cause she is getting kids and a home and won't have to deal with unwanted physical attention or reveal her frigidity The H gets another emergency call to go to Nassau they are having big computer problems there but he puts the trip off to marry the h They all go to inform the h's parents of the wedding and the LBB is there with his mean wife The H delivers verbal smackdowns to both the h's mum and the LBB and his new wife when they disparage the h and she has a warm feeling cause the H defended her though it did seem a bit out of character from his usual vaguenessThe H takes off on his trip and the h decides to update his wardrobe he appears to be missing a lot of clothes as he seems to always run into the h partially undressed and all that male skin is having an unsettling effect on the h especially when he has a headache and the h is offering massaging and maybe some sponging tho the H sadly hasn't learned the PJ euphemisms yet he is a very smart man and picks up things uickly The H gets back from his trip and the new clothes look really good on him all the sudden the h is very aware of what a cutie he really is especially when he forgets his glasses which he has been doing a lot and it doesn't seem to affect his eyesight all that muchThere is a growing tension in the h and she can't blame the heat any longer When the H takes her to a party given by his friends and another woman attempts to deride the H's lovemaking skills the h is really uick with a graphic defense which the H overhears The H informs her later that he is NOT a sexless eunuch and the h knows she is falling in love she just doesn't know what to do about it Then the LBB shows up one afternoon and tries it on with the h The h is frightened and fortunately the H comes home and the LBB leaves The h is angry with the H for not defending her against the LBB's insinuations and his physical handling and the H explains that he thought the h was still carrying a torch for the LBB He seems to believe her when she assures him that isn't so and the H wants to talk but he gets called away on another emergency for a few daysWhile he is gone the h is coming to terms with how much she wants the H and she is trying to figure out how to seduce him There has been some passionate kissing and the h has been freezing up afraid she might betray her love but she is determined to get past it and nab her man The H calls to let her know he is on his way home and the h gets dressed up to meet him She hears a car in the drive and flings open the door but it isn't the H it is LBB whose new wife has just left him under some dubious circumstances The h's so helpful mother sent him over He has been drinking and he attacks the h She is screaming and trying to get away when the H bursts in and rescues her The H totally believes her story even tho LBB lies through his teeth saying the h invited it and the H insists the h press police charges The h is shocky but the H is soothing When they get home passion overrides them both and they wind up consummating the marriage against a wall This leads to rides on the tower of power and the h is feeling pretty happy that the H has proved she isn't frigidThen the H has to go out again and he is acting very mysterious The h knows something is up but it isn't until a strange woman shows and tells her that she and the H became lovers in Nassau that the h really starts to panic The OW tells her that she and the H are in love and he is divorcing the h and the h gets the house and will keep the children The h is puzzled at that because they aren't her kids and she tells the OW that the children are the H's responsibility The OW is very convincing about the love affair and so when the H shows up the h decides she IS keeping the kids and the house and she kicks the H out The H and the OW leave and the h won't talk to the H when he calls The H's boss's wife shows up and the h explains about what the OW said The boss's wife is shocked and the h is starting to panic again There is a big thunderstorm going on and the h is frightened The boss's wife meanly tells her to hide her head under a pillow and leaves The h does go hide under the H's pillow cuddling his shirt for safety when the H shows up and the big confessions beginThe H explains that the OW was lying through her teeth she has stalker fixations and absolutely nothing happened he has been trying to avoid her and she wasn't taking no for an answer The stalker OW is being sent into care in another country He also explains that he has been camouflaging himself like a wolf in sheep's clothing cause he knew the h was wary of men and he fell in love with her Apparently he got the idear for the disguise in college he initially was a party boy but when his friends got into drugs and one died and he almost got sent down from lack of studying he turned over a new leaf and got some glasses He kept up the disguise when he met the h cause he was determined to have her in his life forever but had to set up a sneaky stealth approach so she wouldn't run off He loves her madly and she loves him back and he only threatened to send the kids into care as a way to get her to rush into the marriage It is pink sparklie HEA's and another successful outing in HPLandiaI liked this one PJ did the sneaky Alpha disguise really well and this h wasn't overly neurotic For once an evil guy got his just deserts and the h's parents were pretty much written off as useless The female stalker part was well done and tho the boss's wife was a bit awkward it was the only weird moment in the story This is a great PJ trip and I highly recommend it there is minimal h neurosis in this one and when the h does have her panics they are all realistic responses I liked the H in this one too which is unusual for this particular PJ time period PJ gives broad hints the H isn't what the h thinks he is but the disguise is well done and the reasons for it were nice too Definitely give this one a go if you like PJ and even if you aren't a fangirl it is still a great read I miss Penny Jordan so much She never disappointed me Her books are full of angst and passion This one was great Lots of misunderstandings jealousy evil OM evil OW and an alpha hero who pretends to be beta so as to win the heroine's love Did I really just read a Harleuin Present book Because Jon was so sweet I could lick him all dayI wonder if he missed the classes of How to be an Asshole Hero 101 and How to Deliberately Misunderstand a Heroine and be a Suspicious Jerk because he was very supportive of Sophy when dealing with her useless parents and he totally believed her when he caught her with OM and that useless OM sprouting cruel lies But he surely didn't miss How to Blackmail a Heroine so She Would Do Your Bidding class because he kindly told her that the kids might be sent to a home if she didn't marry him like immediately But he did it in a non cruel way and for all the right reason he was so in love with her so it's okayAnd behind all those baggy clothes and glasses hid a delicious Alpha male virility So if you'll excuse me I have a Jon to lick I enjoyed this oneand I would have rated it higher but there were just way too many things going on that made this complex than it needed to be If the author had just stuck with the theme of frigidity along with a geeky but very sexy hero and evil OM I think that would have been enough for me But the heroines constant insecurities evil OW who appears out of the blue things that go bump in the night parents that don't give a damn about their daughter a near rape and adopted children threatened with foster care and my head started to spin Capable of Feeling is the story of Sophy and Jon Oh godNoThe heroine is a secretary living with a set of overbearing parents She has had a crappy ex who made her lose faith in all men and sex She gets proposed a marriage of convenience by her sweet and awkward boss and agrees to take care of the boss's niece and nephew And drama ensuesSomehow we get a psychotic OM who is hell bent on rape crazy obsessed OW who continue to create misunderstandings an impulsive heroine and a helpless heroI honestly did not feel their love and left feeling creeped out by the molestation attempts which were followed by lovemaking Um noSWESafe25 I need a wife Sophy but not to share my bedTo Sophy Marley who believed she was frigid it seemed the perfect arrangement Jonathan Phillips her kind and understanding boss was offering Sophy a marriage of convenienceHe needed someone to help care for his niece and nephew and Sophy already loved the children as if they were her own Her feelings for Jon however were less clearIn sharing a roof together Sophy became increasingly aware of her husband and of her growing desire to make their marriage a real one in every sense this was a fun read Sophy behaved like a gauche teenager Jon was no beta why did he marry her when he knew she found him physically unappealing Sophy was really the strangest character she was sexless up until she married Jon and suddenly she discovered he was an attractive man lol the kids only added to the fun side of things they were outspoken and said the most inappropriate things which really made for some awkward situations in the book Sophy thought she was incapable of love not to mention she thought she was frigid as well At least that's what her first lover Chris told her She was confused and every time a man took her into his arms she froze She never thought she would get married but that all changed when her boss Jon asked her to marry him At first Sophy was shocked then Jon told her it was for his niece and nephew whom his deceased brother and law had fathered Jon told her that they needed stability and a mother because Sophy was so fond of them she said yes but that's when the problems startedI really really really loved this books It was one of the best harleuins I've read ever Of course I absolutely adore Penny Jordan She was an amazing woman and so talented RIP Penny 3

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