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Elder Blood The Epimetheus Trial #1 In Berinin a new Chieftain Heir is born but only his grandfather and a child from ArcNos know the truth of his birth In Ferya a denial of paternity fractures a family In Ivaria the plight of an orphan motivates his adoptive father to seek a child of his own blood These four children MeiLom of ArcNos Galo of Berinin Eytea of Ferya and Vielle of Ivaria are part of a long forgotten line of hominids called Hybrids Soon after an ArcNosian soldier walks into the clutches and care of a shadow group with technology paling all of Ouristihra Thus begins his rise to power flanked by The Avatars of Fate as they preach the doctrine of The Epimetheus Trial With their hands firmly in the Northland powerhouse The Avatars' focus is twofold Topple the rest of the continent And eradicate the Hybrids Derelicts rebels and refugees come together to overthrow the new power structure and drive out The Avatars Nobody knows where they came from or what they're ultimately after But one thing is certain We need to operate under the assumption that nobody is coming to our rescue

About the Author: E.A. Setser

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    I received this book via Goodreads First ReadsThis book is amazing It manages to incorporate most of your classic fantasy elements and still amaze with its originality The book features a lot of characters and maintains a depth for each of them that is abolutely stunning I look forward to seeing what Setser comes out with next

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    This book is awesome I started reading it and i couldn't put it downthe way the author uses words to paint the story on your brain is amazing he gives you enough info for you to get a general idea of how people and places look and the lets the interactions of the characters with each other and with the environment join your mind in fleshing out the full picture it literally felt like a movie in my head the

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    ArcNos is a country with wishes to conuer with CreSam their leader at the head of it His reign promises to be brutal and cruel; however many dare not stand against him Also in this world are many other countries that have varying ties to one another Spread across these countries are people called Hybrids The Hybrids' uniue capabilities make them unmatched in the battlefield Some have superior eyesight while others

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    The book is pretty interesting The character arcs were pretty solid and it made it easier to connect and care about them and their journeys even though I wanted them to be developed especially when going against other books in the same genre who do a great job at this The dialogue was a bit stifled and disrupted the flow of the novel and was also used uite often as a way to info dump which I didn't really care for The pa

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    The writing immediately draws you in I like that the details are filled in as the story progresses; I will always appreciate when a narrative is crafted through showing and not tellingSome of the dialogue was a bit awkward and the way that some of the characters interacted at times seemed forcedThere is a lot going on in this book but the lines of the story are interwoven in such a way that the reader does not lose hold of the pl

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    The descriptions and narrative in the book are extremely well written and you can tell just how much thought has been put into every line Even though there are many characters featured the reader is provided with a deep enough background to each of them that the overall focus is never lost I particularly loved reading about the four main protagonists in their own individual settings at the beginning of the book for them to then join toge

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