Baby on the Car Roof and 222 Other Urban Legends

Baby on the Car Roof and 222 Other Urban Legends Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend of a Friend of a Friend Baby on the Car Roof brings together 222 totally new funny uirky frightening bizarre and always entertaining urban legends Urban legends or myths are dramatic and often humorous stories that circulate under the guise of truth and usually as having happened to a friend of a friend even though often they are entirely made up Organized by genre each tale runs one to two pages long Story variations are included in each listing The subjects range from famous people sex office foibles and travel nightmares to college pranks biological abnormalities and ghost stories

10 thoughts on “Baby on the Car Roof and 222 Other Urban Legends Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend of a Friend of a Friend

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    Ever wonder about the origins or some common urban legends? Even though this was a book I wouldn't have naturally gravitated towards it was interesting and would like to read by this author One misleading statement that was supposedly an urban legend was that When it was first manufactured Coca Cola contained cocaine which it didn't contain cocaine it

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    This one was a fun light read I do have to comment on one particular story in it My own little proof to you that you've got to be careful what you believe This story is about a mom and her three year old It's her boy's birthday so mom takes him to his favorite fast foot restauraunt for a happy meal They get to McDonalds eat thier food and mom allows boy to p

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    Anyone who has access to E Mail has at one time or another received an E mail describing some outlandish story that really happened to a friend of a friend These are stories like the guy who unwittingly pays 250 for the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe and distributes it over the internet to get even the crew member who hanged himself during the filming of The Wizard

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    The Baby on the Car Roof is a simple to read and enjoyable book There are 223 short urban legends ranging on a variety of topics The legends may be read in random order should the reader choose to do so Each story is uniue in its own right and is sure to bring laughter tears empathy and maybe an occasional groan to the readerI have to admit I bought this book on a use

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    I read 130 pg so far of the book The Baby On The Roof by Thomas J Craughwell I choose not to read it as my book report only because it didn't involve a protagonist or antagonist and included multiple stories not just one and thought that this May lead to problems I absolutely choose to read this book and still in the process because it's one of those books you don't want t

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    I'm not all that impressed but maybe that's because I've never really found urban legends all that interesting It's a bunch of one to two paragraph 'stories' about different urban legends There are a few I heard in high schooljunior high and the rest are all new Some could be real everyday things that have indeed happened to someone but so what? They're fairly normal things The

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    Picked this up on a whim at Goodwill on Labor Day along with another collection Mostly I thought it would be a uick read and it was Some of the legends were obviously false some were ones I had heard and believed before hearing them debunked two or three I only discovered were urban legends in this book and some of them were head scratchers why would someone make up a story about th

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    I thought this might be a good summer read In one respect it met my expectations since it is uick to read and does reuire much thinking However I wouldn't mind putting a little thought into a book This book was just plain dumb Worst of all there were typos That drove me crazy I just won't waste any time reading this

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    This book is filled with typo mistakes I remember while reading them years ago I joked to myself that the guy was probably sued by all the major companies he libeled and created false claims about MM's and other products and could not afford an editorIt's fairly good other than that though just of the same

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    Very similar to the other urban legend book I read a few weeks ago probably compiled by the same author though I haven't checked Unlike the other book this one was mostly urban legends I was not familiar with though I do recall during reading that there was one familiar one that was legitimate and not an urban legend All in all a uick read essentially Snopes in a book

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