The Traveler Spanish Bit Saga Number 2 Spanish Bit Saga

The Traveler Spanish Bit Saga Number 2 Spanish Bit Saga In childhood his name was Woodpecker Now he is the Storyteller weaving long ago tales and trading as he traverses the lands of the People Married to the beautiful Plum Leaf the Storyteller sets out on the great adventure that will be his own life He witnesses the changes the white men have brought the taking of scalps the preying of brother upon brother the knives made of shiny smooth metal He journeys far and wide to the land of the buffalo and to the heart of an enchanting young captive named Pale Star who will be his shinning light and destiny in the dark days ahead He is known by many names to those he meets in the wilderness Storyteller trader Traveler and one day he will become a legend as the half man half spirit called the Watcher

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    I re read this for an introductory literature class I teach Don Coldsmith is under appreciated by literary people His books are attractive to reluctant readers because they are easy to read and plot driven not usually ualities associated with high literary achievement But Coldsmith writes of Native American cultures with intelligence and sensitivity He

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    The book spans the life of an Indian called among other things the Traveler that spends each season traveling far and wide telling stories and trading goods I must admit that premise didn’t sound all that interesting but the book surprised me Coldsmith serves up an engaging story creating a real sense of compassion for the Traveler For me the book got be

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    This is a great book Its about a storyteller who was named Woodpecker Now he is telling longago tales about the land of the People He has a wife named Plum Leaf he talks about his life He sees a lot of the changes the white men brought He travels far to the land of the buffalo and to the heart of young captive named Pale Star and this guy helps him for what's

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    I really enjoyed this book A fascinating read set in the mid to late 16th century or perhaps early 17th century A novel of the Great Plains Native Americans and a peek into their way of life

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    I vaguely rember the storyline coz i read this like a decade ago but wat i cant forget about this is that so gross taking of the scalp thing Whew and yes this brought me to tears too

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    Very good Western story It's actually not like your normal American Western tale Lots of nicely developed characters and a nice continuing storyline Recommended

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    uick eay read

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    The story was good but the writing kind of bored me All in all a good book I would totally recommend

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About the Author: Don Coldsmith

Don Coldsmith was an American author of primarily Western fiction A past president of Western Writers of America Coldsmith wrote than 40 books as well as and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles His “Spanish Bit Saga” a series of related novels helped to re define the Western novel by adopting the point of view of the Native Americans rather than the European immigrants