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Rise Above Rise Above is a detailed description of one man's journey of conuering adversityYou will read how the writer survived a near fatal motor vehicle accident which resulted in three skull fractures a bruised brain an eight day coma and having to relearn how to walk and talk made all the challenging by a lingering speech impediment acuired in childhood Stuttering is an awful burden for a person to carry throughout life Children can be cruel The writer's utmost fear speaking in public would one day be an ally and allow him to present programs extensively throughout the United States This book is not about surviving adversity It's about thriving beyond adversity Greg Little a nationally renowned speaker and motivator has presented to diverse groups including health care business and professional organizations and educational institutions His programs emphasize active involvement by participants Whether teaching professionals to cope with stress bond as a productive group or realize their hidden strengths his seminars and keynote addresses are hard hitting and memorable During one of Greg's presentations I was laughing so hard that tears were literally streaming down my face Dr Ed Kesgen; Sylva NC One of the most energized creative and innovate presentations I have ever experienced Jim Brennan National Consultant; Wilbraham MA Dr Greg Little is superb speaker This is an excellent investment in continuing education Nancy DeBolt; Torrington WY

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