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About the Author: Pat Bagley

Mormon cartoonist Mostly known for his liberal anti George W Bush cartoons which were released in book formBagley works for the Salt Lake Tribune but his cartoons also appeared in Time Magazine The Washington Post and The Guardian

3 thoughts on “Hana the No Cow Wife

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    Just as overdone as Johnny Lingo only with an updated moral But I loved the picture of the handsome boyfriends and their cows in matching sunglasses and that Kona's cow who is drawn with disturbingly large eyes gets to be the heroine I also liked that when Hana learned her lesson the rest of the islanders stayed just as shallow and clueless deciding that Hana

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    Weeding the 300s and came across this I'm LDS so I HAD to read this A fun seuel to the Johnny Lingo story There were some modern references that made me smile I like that the point made at the beginning I like that a friendship develops between the two and that Hana learns to see the person and not just the oddities Don't we all need that for ourselves and toward

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    Not bad Pat Bagley Not bad Of course there's still the love at first sight nonsense that I hate so much but after that the couple actually spends time together and gets to know each other before deciding to marry And mostly I just like the fact that this book makes fun of the lameness of Johnny Lingo even though it's not perfect itself

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