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The Nashville Sound An intimate portrait of the country and western music scene

About the Author: Paul Hemphill

Paul James Hemphill was an American journalist and author who wrote extensively about often overlooked topics in the Southern United States such as country music, evangelism, football, stock car racing and the blue collar people he met on his journeys around the South.

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    What an astonishing work this is in the pantheon of country music literature On my initial read through country music related works I avoided this book since I found Hemphill s book on Hank Williams to be

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    My book is a first printing which is much prettier than the one here Liked this writer a lot, but he wrote this 40 years ago.

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    This bit of investigative journalism on Nashville reeling from the rise of rock with Music Row largely vacants and in decline touts itself on the cover name dropping luminaries covered here including George Jones, Pa

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    A great historical read The journalistic style made this read feel thorough and well researched It was immersive and investigative I realize this was written in the 70s so much of Nashville has changed, but as someone who

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    A brilliantly written look into what was making Nashville tick at the time of publication 1970 during a time when pop music was beginning to merge with country and Glen Campbell was the new king of country A truly fun and inform

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    What a fascinating time capsule This book is a portrait of country music in its golden age before cable tv, before the Vietnam War protests got ugly, before Opryland The author, an actual Southerner, rides shotgun on lonely highways w

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    What exactly is the Nashville sound In the 1960s that was not an easy question to answer It included traditional country but also countrypolitan the crooning of Eddy Arnold, Patsy Cline, strings , the pop country of Roger Miller and Glen Ca

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    This was an informative book about Nashville and Country Music Don t let informative scare you off, however, if you re a country music fan, it s a lively read with great anecdotes and stories about the stars and the people who created helped crea

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    This was a phenomenal read especially considering the correlation between Nashville then 1970 and Nashville now 45 years later Todays ultra hip happening music city of the south Nashville is experiencing a new set of growing pains via urban renewal and

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    This was published long before I started paying attention to country music It was kinda fun reading about people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton I only mentioned as Porter Wagner s sweet little singing partner before they were fully established as country

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