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The Art of Loving The fiftieth Anniversary Edition of the groundbreaking international bestseller that has shown millions of readers how to achieve rich productive lives by developing their hidden capacities for loveMost people are unable to love on the only level that truly matters love that is compounded of maturity self knowledge and courage As with every art love demands practice and concentration as well as genuine insight and understandingIn his classic work The Art of Loving renowned psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm explores love in all its aspects—not only romantic love steeped in false conceptions and lofty expectations but also brotherly love erotic love self love the love of God and the love of parents for their children

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    My goodness what is this dude smoking?Someone close to me made me aware that this book existed and so out of curiosity I decided to borrow the book from the library and read it It took me 2 days and really I hated every bit of this book for several reasons that I will delineate below But first let m

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    The Art of Loving Erich FrommThe Art of Loving is a 1956 book by psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm which was published as part of the World Perspectives Series edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen In this work Fromm develops his perspective on human nature from his earlier work Escape from Free

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    I went through this book again partly because it has so much to say and partly because I wanted to re read Erich Fromm's instructions on how to meditate I like the way he puts it on pages 101 102 “If I am attached to another person because I cannot stand on my own feet he or she may be a lifesaver b

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    If my mate George hadn’t recommended this book there is no chance at all that I would have read it I’ve a strange relationship with LOVE – in that I think it is grossly overrated by our society You could get away with thinking that if you were not ‘in love’ in our society then there is someth

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    This book confirms the idea that reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life a better one indeedReading the Art of love awoke inside me some long dormant craving to approach the subject matter of love in a Tangible and Lucid way as Fromm didIn this book Fromm asserts that love is essential to h

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    Gave up at 13 because it simply became unbearableIf you are a very traditional conservative white middle class cisgender person who is familiar with the bible but still loves Freud you have found your guide If you are any other category of human this book is probably not for youThe constant denial of non

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    One of my favorite books I've read it three times now and i'll probably read it several times in the future I really appreciate what a down to earth way of dealing with his subject matter that Fromm has He recognizes that no book can make you a loving person but he does recognize that by calling our att

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    “Love is not only a relationship with a specific person; it is an attitude a guiding of our character that determines the type of relationship of a person has with the world as a whole not with an object or a person”

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    35 stars Love is an activity not a passive affect; it is a 'standing in' not a 'falling for' In the most general way the active character of love can be described by stating that love is primarily giving not receivingThank goodness this book exists Often in contemporary society we misconstrue love as a cure

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    Have you ever held an idea so closely to the sides of your skull you could never find the words or phrases to articulate it until someone stopped by and presented you with exactly what you had been searching for? Erich Fromm did this for me in the context of mature and fulfilling relationships In the words o

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