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The Student's Dictionary of Anglo Saxon Generations of students of English have benefited from the changes that Sweet wrought in the understanding of the historical and contemporary forms of the language' Oxford Dictionary of National Biography This clear concise and authoritative dictionary is the ideal reference for the student of Old English literature and language Henry Sweet 1845 1912 was educated at King's College School London the University of Heidelberg and Balliol College Oxford He was an active member of the Philological Society and served as its president from 1876 to 1878 He was a member of the Royal Danish Academy and a corresponding member the Munich and Royal Prussian Academies of Sciences Despite his outstanding intellectual abilities and talent for teaching it was only in 1901 that he was given a readership in Phonetics at Oxford University The character of Professor Higgins in Shaw's Pygmalion was partly based upon Sweet

About the Author: Henry Sweet

Henry Sweet 15 September 1845 – 30 April 1912 was an English philologist phonetician and grammarianAs a philologist he specialized in the Germanic languages particularly Old English and Old Norse In addition Sweet published works on larger issues of phonetics and grammar in language and the teaching of languages Many of his ideas have remained influential and a number of his works contin

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