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Sovereign Autumn 1541 King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Progress to the North to attend an extravagant submission by his rebellious subjects in YorkAlready in the city are lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his assistant Jack Barak As well as legal work processing petitions to the King Shardlake has reluctantly undertaken a secret mission for Archbishop Cranmer – to ensure the welfare of an important but dangerous conspirator who is to be returned to London for interrogationBut the murder of a York glazier involves Shardlake in deeper mysteries connected not only to the prisoner in York Castle but to the royal family itself And when Shardlake and Barak stumble upon a cache of secret documents which could threaten the Tudor throne a chain of events unfolds that will lead to Shardlake facing the most terrifying fate of the age

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    TWO DESCRIPTIONS OF THE MATTHEW SHARDLAKE SERIESDescription the First Take Sherlock Holmes and1 Crook his back uasimodo style oh how I wanted to say “bend it like Beckham” instead but I figure it's time we all move on from that oneand make sure you include a nice hump;2 Surgically remove 927% of the arrogant ego maniacal self love;3 Replace Watson with a street wise well connected tough guy

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    45★“I looked at the little houses along Petergate and thought again of the rule preventing citizens from casting sewage in the streets or in the river while the Progress was here It would be piling up in their backyards It was symbolic of the King’s visit all glitter and show in front a pile of turds behind”My how things have changed not sadly Henry VIII’s England C J Sansom drops you

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    We all know what it’s like to anticipate something so much that we are literally shaking with excitement Shardlake had similar feelings about meeting his king; he couldn’t wait to behold the presence of King Henry VIII Except when that moment finally comes it almost breaks Shardlake in two What does the obese tyrant do to cause such a reaction? Well he publicly humiliates Shardlake by mocking

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    The third in the Matthew Shardlake series takes us to York in the midst of Henry VIII's brutal supression of Northern England known as the ProgressMatthew Sharlake comes face to face with Henry's reign of terror and the machinations of his henchman such as the conniving Sir Richard Rich the book revealing Henry as a cruel tyrant while discovering embaraasing facts that put his life in danger an

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    CJ Sansom continues to develop his great set of historical mysteries all set during the Tudor era With Thomas Cromwell executed Matthew Shardlake is in definite limbo trying to distance himself from his one time superior while keeping a legal practice running effectively The Cromwell void is filled soon thereafter when Archbishop Cranmer turns to Shardlake and asks that he make his way to York wher

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    “You have rescued him from suspicion Brother Shardlake”“I would not have anyone under false suspicion Even Radwinter”“Maleverer’s smile turned into a cruel smirk ‘Jesu sir you are a righteous prig I wish I could afford your scruples’”For most histories the Progress to the North of 1541 is given little comment Yet this was a critical time for Henry VIII in securing his rule after he

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    I took longer to get to this book than I meant to but I'm pleased I finally did I really love this series it's utterly gripping There are times when something is mentioned and I think 'Surely not?' but a uick Google often confirms it A spoiler free example of this is the practice of hanging people in chains An awful thing to consider Of course this is historical fiction so I really appreciate CJ Sans

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    is via R4 dramatisation Atmospheric dramatisation of C J Sansom's third Tudor crime novel featuring hunchback lawyer detective Matthew ShardlakeAutumn 1541 King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Royal Progress to York aiming to strike fear and awe into his rebellious northern subjects Shardlake and his assistant Barak arrive in the city a day ahead of the 3000 strong procession Officially there

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    This is the third Matthew Shardlake novel following on from Dissolution and Dark Fire Shardlake is now a much established character with Jack Barak as his foil and sidekick and this is a much assured novel which considering how excellent the first two books are is very impressive It is 1541 and after the fall of Cromwell Shardlake has gone back to his law practice and has taken Barak on to work with

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    This is such a good series Let me uote the comment from the Sunday Times on the cover of the book So compulsive thatuntil you reach the final page you'll have to be almost physically prised away from it I so agree I just wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and read until I had finished all 653 pages of it without stopping Of course life isn't like that and I did have to put it down but I rushed back

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