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Dark Fire         It is 1540 and Henry VIII has been on the throne for thirty one years when Matthew Shardlake the lawyer renowned as the sharpest hunchback in the courts of England is pressed to help a friend's young niece who is charged with murder         Despite threats of torture and death by the rack the girl is inexplicably silent Shardlake is about to lose her case when he is suddenly granted a reprieve one that will ensnare him again in the dangerous schemes of Thomas Cromwell Henry VIII's feared vicar general          In exchange for two weeks to investigate the murder Shardlake accepts Cromwell's assignment to find a lost cache of Dark Fire an ancient weapon of mass destruction Cromwell out of favor since Henry's disastrous marriage to Anne of Cleves is relying on Shardlake's discovery to save his position at court which is rife with conspiracy

About the Author: C.J. Sansom

Christopher John CJ Sansom is an English writer of crime novels He was born in 1952 and was educated at the University of Birmingham where he took a BA and then a PhD in history After working in a variety of jobs he decided to retrain as a solicitor He practised for a while in Sussex as a lawyer for the disadvantaged before uitting in order to work full time as a writerHe came to promi

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    After reading CJ Sansom and Caleb Carr I realised that I enjoy this new for me fascinating genre of historical mystery I’ve read a few authors since then but i still think Matthew Shardlake series to be one of the best Well at least the 2 volumes that I’ve read In Dark Fire Th

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    ”There were four or five illustrated manuscripts written by old monastic writers giving vivid descriptions of the use of Greek Fire Sometimes they called it Flying Fire sometimes the devil’s tears fire from the dragon’s mouth Dark Fire I puzzled over that last name How could fire b

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    45★“ ‘I cannot abide this fashion for women to blacken their teeth deliberately so people will think they live off nothing but fine sugar’‘I agree It is not pretty’‘I have heard them say the pains in their mouth are worth it if people respect them ’”Torture in Tudor England i

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    I’m really starting to warm to Matthew Shardlake He’s a great character and a perfect investigator; he is compassionate and clever; he is brave and realistic in his approach to his ginormous tasks He is really aware of himself and those around him He’s a hunchback; he’s an outcast and a figu

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    DuplicityMatthew Shardlake returns as the London lawyer reluctantly linked with Thomas Cromwell during Henry VIII’s reign In 1540 King Henry is about to seek an annulment from Anne of Cleves a wife he claimed he couldn’t consummate his marriage with because of her bad appearance This was a marriage Cr

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    “In these times it is hard to avoid getting caught in the tangle of the great”“Dark Fire” is a pleasing storymystery mixed with a nice characterization of the novel’s protagonist hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake The author builds on the characteristics from the first novel in this series “Dissolut

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    Continuing this Tudor era series CJ Sansom develops the foundation for what many will likely call a great set of historical mysteries Still jilted after an awkward investigation for Thomas Cromwell Matthew Shardlake is happy to keep his legal practice running with a handful of clients However when he is approached to

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    Another case for Matthew Shardlakewhen an ageing and increasingly gout ridden Henry VIII is between Anne of Cleeves and Katherine Howard wives 4 and 5 Thomas Cromwell once calls upon Shardlake to solve a caseIn paranoid times England has no allies in Europe; where once reformist fervour swept the nation and not so long ag

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    This is the second Shardlake novel following on from Dissolution Shardlake finds himself embroiled in a complicated case when a young girl called Elizabeth Wentworth is arrested for murder Her family apart from her Uncle Joseph all believe her guilty of the crime – killing her cousin Ralph the only son of her Uncle Edwin whose

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    Once again attorney Matthew Shardlake’s plans to strike out on his own are thwarted by a summons order from Thomas Cromwell This mystery platform successfully blends in the political and social scene taking place during Henry VIII’s reign Historically based London life the torturous forms of punishment and the privilege of nobilit

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