Portrait of Dr GachetThe Story of a Van Gogh

Portrait of Dr GachetThe Story of a Van Gogh MasterpieceModernism Money Politics Collectors Dealers Taste Greed and Loss In 1990 one of Vincent van Gogh's last paintings 'Portrait of Dr Gachet ' was sold for the astonishing price of 825 million This fascinating book reconstructs the painting's journey and becomes a rich story of modernism and the forces behind the art market 'Portrait of Dr Gachet' was one of van Gogh's last paintings completed just weeks before his suicide Depicting the eccentric physician who was attempting to treat the artist this painting was viewed by van Gogh as a summation of his ideas about portraiture Cynthia Saltzman's book reconstructs the journey of this revolutionary and haunting painting in which as van Gogh wrote he strove to capture the 'heartbroken expression of our time' As Saltzman superbly shows this painting not only evokes the ethos of modern life but also illuminates the ways in which art politics and the market have intersected in the 20th century Affected by broad social and cultural change the painting's fate was also influenced by innovations in the way art was sold and displayed and by the growing role of dealers and museums

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    If you're looking for a book full of international intrigue surrounding the art market don't read this There were three genuinely interesting sections if the book 1 The actual painting of it followed by the death of the artist and the birth of the legend thanks to Johanna Van Gogh 2 Nazis 3 The overheated art market of the 1980'sThe rest of the book

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    Having been somewhat disappointed by van Gogh The Life I needed something to set me straight so I returned to Saltzman's charming book on the life of a painting It is a great read very dramatic without being melodramatic a rare experience where van Gogh is concerned Here are four things to love about the book1 So much art mythology centers on the lone

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    Saltzman makes several factual errors about Vincent This was discouraging to read I know something about Vincent but I know nothing about the history of what happened to the painting of Dr Gachet Saltzman's research was supposed to be brilliant Would the rest of the book be full of errors too?The book was very interesting and I think that apart from the err

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    This starts where Smith and White's biography of VVGogh ends; it's the story of van Gogh's portrait of his doctor one of his final works Saltzman tells how it grew in value until it was sold for an astounding 825 million to a Japanese businessman who was planning a golf community named after van Gogh Unfortunately he was found guilty of bribery and died At the

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    Dreadfully dull and boring I think one would have to be really into art I daresay even really into this particular painting to find this book engaging I enjoy art I suppose though at a much lower level than needed to appreciate this book

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    Not a great movie but my acuaintance with Vincent started with Lust for Life Strolling the National Gallery and buying a postcard of one of his paintings which I used for a bookmark Starry Starry Night is on my playlist In spite of that and the wife being an Art History major not really an art world afficiando But the work and their lives I find appealing If you fit th

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    This book chronicles the journey of the portrait of Dr Gachet as it has been sold and bought over the past 100 years The art history interspersed is interesting as well

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    Fascinating look at the life of this painting especially in light of the recent documentary The rape of Europe and the motion picture Monuments Men Although there are some technical sections of the book the stories of the former owners of the paintings the collectors and curators that believed in this painting either by acuiring it for their galleries private collections or mu

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    This is a fascinating and well researched book about one of the greatest portraits by one of the greatest artists Portrait of Dr Gachet by Vincent van Gogh This book traces the history of the work itself but also its provenance how it bounced from collector to collector was confiscated by the Third Reich narrowly escaped to the US and decades later was sold for a record price duri

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    Once there was a doctor who promised to cure a very sick artist He wasn't able to do so and the artist later died but the one fruit of their relationship a painting went on to make many other people richAs Van Gogh paintings go Portrait of Dr Gachet isn't nearly as famous as Starry Night or Sunflowers but it's had an interesting life If you're looking for information on Vincent Van G

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