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The Resolute Runaway Knowing the risk of running away to find a new life Joanna heads for Brussels where young ladies are fair game for officers looking for love before facing the foe at Waterloo When Joanna meets the heir to a dukedom the only thing she has left to offer him is her heart Original Regency Romance

About the Author: Charlotte Louise Dolan

Charlotte Louise Dolan earned a bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University and a masters degree in German from Middlebury College She has lived throughout the United States and in Germany the Soviet Union Canada Taiwan and Austria A bookworm since the age of four she fell in love with Regency England when she read her first Georgette Heyer book Besides writing she has worked as a h

10 thoughts on “The Resolute Runaway

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    I find this book difficult to rate It contained some truly brilliant moments almost Heyer level in their ability to convey a scene But then th

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    35I liked this one I thought it was a fun story Joanna is a likable heroine She has had a very hard life and lost all those that were close to her Alon

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    She reminds me of Georgette Heyer Fun book

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    A charming story in which two young ladies find love and another receives a much deserved comeuppance

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    This started well but I got annoyed at the constant bemoaning of Joanna being a coward and meek Nicholas started off as a great hero but then spent too long pining for Joanna onc

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    She's strong and runs away She's meek and can't figure out what to do She puts on a brave face and tries to be strong It was good escapist reading

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    25 stars rounds up to 3 Heroine was a little too wet blanket for me It was fascinating seeing the author's voice in each of the four main characters though like different facets of the same stone

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    Got way too choppy and the introduction of a secondary plot annoyed me

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    Loved the history and the characters are all delightful

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