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The Substitute Bridegroom Elizabeth Goldsborough is the happiest of young ladies set to wed the most handsome gentleman in town Then shockingly all is stripped from her when an accidental encounter with an arrogant captain leaves her with no choice but to marry a man she despises From the author of The Black Widow A Regency romance reissue

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    With Spoilers This regency has a forced moc plot but with a little twist The H a captain on leave from Spain ends up hurting and scarring the h on the face while curricle racing with a friend Her fickle fiancé dumps her as he cannot bear to loo

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    While it's no standout for innovation in traditional regencies it's absolutely perfect as what it is a light fun marriage of convenience story with enough wit and drama to stay entertaining from start to finishArmy Captain Darius St John is just

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    I liked the heroine but can’t say same for the hero The Hero was an honest loyal and honorable person in every way but one thing about him really pissed me off I can understand his viewing about women and the reason behind it but that doesn’t

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    375 stars

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    45I really enjoyed this one I thought it was really well written and it flowed nicely I normally don’t like too many POVs but in this case I thought it was handled well I liked all the secondary characters and thought it was fun to see things from

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    I liked the initial premise very much that the hero proposes from a sense of guilt and that this is explicit from the start That should set up an intriguing Does he love me or is it just guilt talking? situation Unfortunately that potential is not re

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    I didnt care for this at all I never made it through the whole bookthere was just something so bland and off about the whole bookSomething else that annoyed me was the author cutting to scenesThe hero is carrying the heroine to her home to get her hel

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    It is one of those plots that you either are going to like or hate I liked it because I understand the realities of the regency time period If you want the heroine to act and think like someone in our modern time you might want to stick with unrealisti

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    I simply love this book The plot moves along at a good pace and the dialogue is fantastic I really feel for Elizabeth who is such a sweet character even if she is a bit uiet Darius is a great character who shows growth even while being a consistent figu

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    This is the second of Ms Dolan's books I've read She does a decent job of creating situations where it could get too adult for me but never crosses that line Several times I prepared myself to cringe or put the book down or feel exasperation with stupid

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